Thursday, December 29, 2016

But of Course She Doesn't...

A little bird whispered that Laura Bogan, Social Media consultant to the City and one of Mrs. Hayward's BFFs is not abiding by her VERY lucrative contract with the City.

In May 2013, Logan signed a no-bid "friends and family" contract with the City to handle social media.

It pays her $2,700 per month or $116,100 since it started.

She committed to the following for EACH THE CITIES SOCIAL MEDIA PROPERTIES:

  • City - 5
  • Office of the Mayor - 5
  • Pensacola International Airport - 5
  • Port of Pensacola - 3
She also committed:

"I will provide a quarterly report detailing growth and highlighting successes as well as opportunities for improvement."

I made a public records request;

RE: PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST of 12/28/2016 Reference # W001684-122816 for the following information: 

All quarterly reports submitted by Laura Bogan as detailed in her proposal referenced in her contract for social media services from May 2013 through December 28, 2016

Here is the response:

The City of Pensacola has reviewed its files and has determined there are no responsive records or documents to your request for public records.

How can that be?  The City not requiring contractors to submit required contract items?
How does she get paid Mr. Barker?  She's in breach of contract?
How can the Council allow taxpayer money to go to a contract she is failing to keep?
Has she done the volume of posts for each of the entities she committed to?
Three a week for the port?

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Glover Complaint

For your review!

  • Each INDIVIDUALLY AND in their official capacity
  • There is no way in the world these folks are getting out of VIDEO depositions
  • They are going to HANG Olson with his AM1620 interview
  • I find it somewhat funny that AM1620's PR role for the City will be what undoes the Dream Team of Olson, Hayward and Sisson
  • How does Judge Rodgers NOT recuse herself?
  • Love that my scribd account is cited in the Complaint!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Travel Sports...From Experience

During School Year

  • Pick kids up from school on Friday.  Middle school gets out at 4:00.  Car is gassed up before leaving.
  • Drive 1.5 to 2 hrs to the city of the tournament.  Shorter than that is a drive to and from destination.  
  • Orange Beach, Destin...Drive back and forth.  Economic impact...gas (maybe) lunch and tournament admission.  That's it.
  • On way, fast food.  We want to get there.
  • Check in the hotel.  Hotel chosen as cleanest for the cheapest with a breakfast included in area from  
  • Kids run around hotel.  In bed by 10.
  • Saturday morning - Up early.  Kids have pool play games. Up to 3 - 1 hour 45 minute games in the day.  Team needs to be there 1 hour before the game for warm ups.
    • Game 1 - 2 hr 45 minutes
    • Game 2 - 1 hr 45 minutes if you play back to back at least once
    • Game 3 - 2 hr 45 minutes
  • 7.25 hours at the park.  Food - fast food between games, the cooler or ball park food.  Drinks out of cooler in car.
  • Team dinner - its kids so we ain't going to Global Grill or Jackson's.  Local pizza restaurant.
  • Back to hotel.  Kids run around.  In bed by 10.
  • Sunday - Check out! To the facility, pay admission.  Stay til you lose or win it all.  Hugs for other team families.  See you next week.
  • Gas up if you need to and on the road home.
  • Sunday night - Homework for Monday.
During Summer 
  • Exact same schedule except more continuous game days at the ballpark.
  • Maybe a morning off one day if you get in the winners bracket and the coach tells kids to stay out of sun and rest.
Revenue to the Host City
  • Gas
  • Hotel
  • Fast food, Pizza
  • Admission to facility
  • Dicks - If equipment breaks or someone forgot something
Jobs Impacted
  • Gas station cashier
  • Hotel employees
  • Fast food / restaurant folks
  • Concession stand folks
  • Maybe Dick's employees

Maybe the DeWeese's are just not doing it properly but the economic impact of the DeWeese clan is bigger for our annual Southern League tour than for a travel ball weekend.

Travel sports is a business trip for kids folks.

What's your experience.  Volleyball families weigh in.  Basketball families?

Friday, December 16, 2016

OWA-T Could Go Wrong With This Idea

The Escambia County Commission and City Council are being presented with a plan to replace the aging Pensacola Bay Center with a new 130,000 square foot complex with an event area, sports hall, conference space and meeting rooms.

 "(Ray) Palmer estimated the cost to build such a facility could range between $80-100 million."

$100,000,000!  Makes the Maritime Park look like a bargain!

The drawing depicts a basketball arena seating 5,000 (for our basketball team) and eight volleyball / basketball courts evidently trying to attract sports tournaments.

While something must be done with the aging Bay Center, this idea and concept may have been beaten to the market when you see the $500 million destination development the Poarch Band of Creek Indians are doing in Foley/Gulf Shores.

See the flythrough video. It's amazing

The OWA development will have:

  • a 150 room Marriott
  • restaurants
  • shopping
  • 3,500 jobs
  • $40,000,000 sports complex with 16 state of the art outdoor fields
  • 90,000 square foot indoor events center to open in 2017
  • 9 miles from the beach
  • on a beach expressway
  • with an amusement park
  • with a waterpark
  • with a condo complex
  • and an RV resort

"The two projects will provide a seamless experience for "sports families" who travel to the area specifically for tournaments, but who will avail themselves of opportunities offered by Owa to entertain the entire family."

Pensacola's version presented this week while unbuilt and years away, may seem handicapped off the bat.

Lets look at them head to head:

  • New Marriott vs. the Grand
  • New restaurants onsite vs. Carabba's, Waffle House and Newk's
  • Shopping onsite vs. Duh!
  • 16 outdoor fields vs. the Tech Park
  • Indoor events center open in 2017 vs. trying to lure events from OWA
  • 9 miles from the beach vs. 6 miles from the beach with a bridge under contruction for 5 years
  • on beach expressway vs. on WD Childers Plaza and Chase Blvd
  • Amusement Park vs. St Michael's Cemetery
  • Waterpark vs. Fountain at the drop off point
  • Condo Complex vs, Aragon
  • RV resort vs. parking lot parking.
I applaud the thoughts of the presenters but we may be late and under financed to play at this party. But as Grover says, there are always BP funds.

Count me in!  But we will need some new "fantasy renderings" for the DeWeezel to come out of retirement.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pelican Drop Budget...Its On!

Escambia County                 12,500
City of Pensacola                 30,000
Esc Cty Sheriffs Dept                 10,000
Lewis Bear                   5,000
JJ Talbot                   5,000
Coca Cola                   5,000
Visit Pensacola                 10,000
Stakeholders                 10,000
Glow in the Dark Vendor                       800
Food Vendors                   1,500
DIB                   1,000
TOTAL                 90,800
City Barricades Bollards & Crew                   1,500
Traffic Barricades and Signs                   2,000
Street Sweepers                   3,000
Permits & Fees                   1,000
Cleanup                   4,000
Fireworks & Confetti                   8,000
Security PPD & EMT                 20,000
Pelican Costs                   4,000
Crane                   2,500
Generators                       500
Portable Restrooms & Sinks                   5,000
Golf Cart Rental                       450
Insurance                   6,800
Marketing & Media                   1,000
Rental Equip                       800
Entertainment                 10,000
Stage 1 Sound Lights Setup                 18,500
Stage 1 Sound Lights Setup                          -  
Volunteer Hospitality                       500
Misc Supplies                       500
Misc Expenses                       500
Radios                       250
Event Coordination                          -  
Constant Contact                          -  
Postage                          -  
Childrens Area                          -  
Dumpster Removal                          -  
TOTAL                 90,800
PROFIT                          -  

Monday, December 12, 2016

What's Up With Airport Marketing Contract?

As I previously discussed, in August 2016 Emagination Unlimited was "awarded" a month to month contract to continue airport marketing until the RFP for a new contract could be evaluated.  Someone woke up the Potted Plant and she realized it had expired back in March 2016.


Well on August 16, 2016, the RFP's for the new contract were received. 12 Responses were received

3 local firms:

  • Emagination 
  • Ideaworks
  • EW Bullock
The nine non-local firms were from Cincinnati, Sanibel, New Haven, Ft. Worth, Nashville, Wisconsin, Tampa, St. Pete and Lakewood Ranch, FL.

Emagination still runs the website, still claims on their website to have the contract and I can't see any contract award for that contract.


What's up?  A little inside cookin'?

Friday, December 9, 2016

Pictures That Sum up the Tanyards / Government Street Project

Mayor Hayward and his City Engineer can pretend the Corrine Jones Pond is not a train wreck project but the photo below of the disrepair and neglect for so long is undeniable.

Notice the grass growing out of the TOP of the cone on the site.  That cone is three feet tall.  How long do you have to neglect a property for your "safety" cones to have grass growing out of the top.

And the picture that sums up the Mayor and City's lack of care for the kids in the area.  Notice the driveway of the house two doors down from the industrial equipment operating without any barriers.
It shows a small child's chalk and art on the driveway.  Now tell me how impossible it would be for a curious small child to stop drawing on his driveway and wander 30 feet into the construction zone. Would that equipment operator even see the child wander in?

And further what happens when all the workers go home?  This project is 100% open to a dangerous pit.

Would this be allowed in Cordova Park?  Would this be allowed in East Hill?

Shame on you Hayward!
Shame on you Olson!
Shame on you Owens!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thanks A MILLION for Stopping By!

Pageviews all time history
Never did I imagine that exposing the actions of the City would have such a wide readership!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hayward Tries to Push Alexander Out. Barker Stays? Council Can Change the Drop Ordinance

When Chief David Alexander was brought in as police chief everyone understood it was for a short period of time. Hayward got his PR win and re-election victory.  Chief Alexander got to achieve his career goal of being Chief and everyone in Pensacola knew that Tommi Lyter was pre-picked to be the next Chief.

  • Hayward won!
  • Alexander won!
  • And the PPD had a future leader already in place who is respected and admired by the entire force.

Fast forward.  Now Chief Alexander is being forced out by Hayward in 2017.  He will be reaching the end of his DROP period. The City Transparent Pensacola page states:

Rumors regarding Chief David Alexander's status as Police Chief

Is there any truth to the rumor that City Hall told Chief Alexander that he will not be able to continue beyond his DROP date? 

No. His contract was based on his DROP date. In fire and police pensions, employees are not able to continue beyond their DROP date as in general pensions. This was agreed upon in the initial contract.


  • Why is Chief Alexander not honoring the deal he made?
  • The DROP Ordinance 9-9-2 states: DROP election. DROP election means the establishment of a date upon which the employee intends to terminate his/her employment with the City of Pensacola. The date is established through the irrevocable completion of a DROP election form to be submitted to the DROP administrator. Following the submission of a DROP election, the employee's employment with the city cannot exceed sixty (60) months in duration, although employees may terminate employment with the city at any time prior to the termination date indicated on the DROP election form. 

  • How does Dick Barker continue extend past his DROP period? 
Chief, if you want to fight your forceable removal from office, please note the following below regarding DROP in the City DROP Ordinance.

Sec. 9-9-6. - Reservation of power to alter or amend

  • Although the city council, through the adoption of this ordinance, has agreed to join with those communities and other governmental bodies in providing its workforce with additional flexibility in planning for and entering into retirement following a career with the city, the city council acknowledges that DROP plans are still in their relative infancy and may ultimately produce results, either financial or otherwise, which may be deemed adverse to the interest of the City of Pensacola, Florida. In that regard, in the adoption of the DROP plan ordinance, the city council hereby expressly reserves the authority in the future to amend, modify or repeal all or portions of this DROP plan ordinance as may be deemed necessary and appropriate. Any future change will be adopted in accordance with the requirements of law. With respect to city employees who have not terminated their employment with the city and who have not executed a DROP election, the adoption of this chapter shall not be deemed to have conferred any vested rights or property interest upon those employees. 
Chief, you just need 4 votes on Council to amend the DROP ordinance! If you get the 4 votes to amend, you push the Mayor to have to actually make a REAL management decision!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Architectural Review Board Messing with Levin Bear Studer YMCA

The Architectural Review Board denied the signage at the new Levin Bear Studer YMCA. Yes, the signage that is already up!

City Staff Brandi Deese was working the issue for THE KING OF ALL DOWNTOWN Carter Quina who did not want illuminated signs on the building.

What is interesting is that the sign guy sent Deese drawings of a non-illuminated sign on August 31, 2016.  Deese forwards the renderings ONLY to Carter Quina on the Board on August 31, 2016 along with the application,

On Friday September 2, 2016, Deese emails the sign guy the approval for the sign.  Who approved?

The YMCA, through their attorney, has appealed the ARB denial to City Council.

Don't worry!

No City Council in the history of Pensacola will ever deny anything that LEVIN, BEAR, STUDER AND BAPTIST collectively ask for.

ARB will get steamrolled on this one.  Carter Quina should be a greasy spot on the road under this bus!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Carpenter's Creek Cleanup - Grover shows leadership

The environmental group Emerald Coastkeepers have organized a voluntary community cleanup from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. The group asks volunteers to meet in the parking lot of Publix Supermarket at 5055 N. Ninth Ave. 

A news release from the Emerald Coastkeepers said the volunteers will work to remove tires, furniture, food and beverage containers and other trash from the creek. The group said the city of Pensacola and the Escambia County Sanitation Department helped to organize the cleanup.

Why does the City need Citizens to do its job?  Where is code enforcement?  Where is parks and rec? Where is public works?

Its a body of water in the City of Pensacola!

Another Hayward failure for the Citizens to fix!

Bright spot:

Area political leaders hope to fund additional projects to cleanup pollution and erosion in the creek with money from the RESTORE program, created from restitution money paid by oil giant BP in the aftermath of the massive 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill. Escambia County Commissioner Grover Robinson ranked the project as one of the area's top priorities for the funding.

You go Mayor Robinson!


He has done nothing toward this project.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Well, Where Did We Leave Off?

Since last I posted, here is the summary of City events as I see them:

  • Bare Out, Spencer In - Brian Spencer is the new President of Council.  It should be fun to show all of the conflicts of interest he has to dance around each month.  Also, it will be interesting to see how he builds a better relationship with the Council and Mayor as he also positions for a run for Mayor.
  • Sherri Myers has the only City project that could receive BP money from the County.  All of the Mayor's proposed projects may not be funded at all yet he won't jump on board the Myers train to get the win she could see with Carpenters Creek.
  • Grover Robinson announced he will not seek re-election to the Commission.  Grover, PLEASE run for Mayor.
  • Mayor Hayward keeps telling more and more people he will NOT run for another term.  
  • Fred and Fred have the old Hallmark Elementary under contract for sale.  Too bad real estate moguls An Hayward and Matt Pair won't be able to enjoy the profits since they were bought out of 316 LLC for pennies.
  • PC Wu got his retirement travel bucket refilled by getting re-elected to continue to do nothing for the Citizens.  Standby for the new selfies...I will post them as I get them.
  • Rick Outzen continues to slay the City on it's empty words and fake transparency.
  • The Mayor continues to ignore the Westside Citizens. He needed every vote here to get elected and now he has little support in the community. This may be a major driver in him leaning toward quitting after this term.  That and he may want the Statute of Limitations to begin running on any misdeeds. 
Whew!  Time to jump back in!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Let's ALL catch our breath

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I'll be back in December. Be Well!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Outzen Breaks Down Sunshine Center

Rick Outzen breaks down three months of activity from the City of Pensacola "Sunshine Center" today on his blog.

Questions that arise from my review of Rick's data:

  • The City is paying Matt Schaud $60,000 a year to handle an average of less than two (2) records requests a day?
  • Other media and blogs (PNJ, Pulse, WEAR) have a lot of City information that doesn't come from records requests.  I guess good press gets special treatment.
  • Records requests by Council being in the system has been and always will be ridiculous.
  • Council requests show that some Council members don't have to play by the same rules either.
  • Wu never requests anything...he doesn't care.
  • Some of this stuff looks interesting...may get a copy for myself.
Biggest question:

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

When Will Staff Rats Get Off the Sinking Ship

As the reality of only two years left starts to sink in, those employees that have sold their souls for power will have to wake up to the reality that their days in Pensacola may be numbered.

What do you do in Pensacola when your only real skills are intimidation, abusing employees and citizens and secret operations?

Eric Olson - I bet everyone in town is ready to hire a manager who is so customer focused he tries to have customers fired from their jobs.  Habitat for Unhumanity?

Ed Sisson - Ed better start marketing his title around now to make sure some unsuspecting City that doesn't have Google may fall into his job puffery gig he has been using for years.

Bobblehead - I just don't understand a word she is saying...ever.  No one does.

Chief Allen - He's retiring around there anyway.  It just depends on how deep the City is in the Fire Chief litigation and how that looks if he is let go. But for him I have to change my analogy from rats on a ship to running from a burning building.

Matt Shaud - It appears no law firms are willing to hire him now or he would not be the "public records dude" battling the press to suppress public access to records.  Maybe the ACLU?

Of course, Rusty Wells and Dick Barker will stay.  Rusty knows where the bodies are buried.  Dick knows where all those Mason jars are buried in the City Hall yard.

Let's see who posts for sale signs first. Who else am I missing that may need a box?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hayward Not to Run for Third Term?

Ashton Hayward and his puppet masters are openly telling people that he will not be seeking a third term.

Also, he is not trying to sway Council elections.  In the past, he would support his supporters.  But for as much water as PC Wu and Cannada-Wynn have toted for the Mayor on CRITICAL votes, the Mayor has not laid out any coat tails or money to either. Not that his coat tails are of as much use as they were in past elections.

Sam Hall got $$
Andy Terhaar got $$
Dennis Tackett got directed $$.

No money for Wu!
No money for Jewel!

PC Wu Finances

Cannada-Wynn Finances

Wu is out waving by himself and collecting his signs from CJ Lewis converts.  If Lewis and Anny Shepard are elected next week, the Council may be a whole lot less friendly to the Mayor's agenda.

To me this is a sign that Mayor Hayward is coasting into the finish.  All he has to look forward to are some video taped depositions in the Fire Chief litigation, some Offshore Inland litigation related to grant negligence, and writing a check to Ray Russenberger for his legal fees.

Bumpy ride to the finish?

Monday, October 31, 2016

Will PC Wu waste our tax dollars if NOT elected? Will Bare have a quorum?

Election day is November 8.  PC Wu is running against CJ Lewis for the District 1 seat.  The following week is the National League of Cities City Summit from November 16-19, 2016 in Pittsburgh. PC Wu is registered to go at City expense.


  • Will PC Wu skip his last Council meeting to go to the conference?
  • Why should we pay thousands of dollars to send him if District 1 fires him?
  • Is it more ethical for the City to obtain a refund or send another Councilperson?
If District 1 fires him, is it ethical for him to travel to a seminar at City expense when he leaves office the following Tuesday?

How will that expense in any way benefit the City?

Another question:

With three Council members attending the conference, is everyone else confirmed to attend?
Will Bare even have a quorum for his last meeting as President?

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bob Kerrigan "Collaborating" at Beggs & Lane Again

I noticed Kerrigan's Jaguar at Beggs & Lane again Monday.

I'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the First District Court of Appeals last Friday issuing an order that the City of Pensacola must show cause within 10 days why Russenberger's motion to strike served on October 18, 2016 should not be granted.

First DCA docket

I'm sure he was just "collaborating" on other matters since he hasn't been retained in that matter.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


The former executive director of REAP also had other Not For Profits that he founded.  One such entity did essentially the exact same thing that REAP was attempting to do.  It is named:

Faithworks Interfaith Ministries Network, Inc.

It was registered as a Florida Not for Profit Corporation in September 08, 2008

Florida Registration Document

It filed annual reports with the state each year.

It reported a FEI/EIN of 26-4452784

Details of Faithworks

It has a website

It attempts to link workers with people that need work done.

  • Auto work
  • Yard work
  • Smallengine work
  • Floor work
  • Paint work
  • Reworks Cut
The website states: (NOT FOR PROFIT)

Here is the interesting item...They don't appear to be a Not for Profit registered with the IRS

Try by EIN!  No results!
Try by Name! 20 results....None for them!
Try by City and State! 754 results...None for them!

I tried other NFP databases...Nothing!

The IRS website states:

The following list includes tax-exempt organizations that are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions.

Based on my research, I cant't see where they are eligible to accept charitable contributions.


Monday, October 24, 2016

What in the World is Gulf Coast Community Bank Doing?

I did a search of Gulf Coast Community Bank owned properties in Pensacola and then searched Sexual Predators and Offenders in Pensacola from the FDLE.

Gulf Coast Community Bank Owned Properties Housing Sexual Predators and Sexual Offenders
Based on FDLE Database

  • 780 Dominquez - Three Sexual Offenders
  • 909 Lynch - One Sexual Predator and One Sexual Offender
  • 911 Lynch - Three Sexual Predators and One Sexual Offender
  • 2716 Gadsden - One Sex Offender
  • 614 N V Street - One Sexual Predator and Two Sexual Offenders
Five Sexual Predators and Eight Sexual Offenders Living in GCCB Sex Offender Group Homes.


Friday, October 21, 2016

Where did REAP go off the tracks?

Everywhere you read the REAP propaganda it keeps stating Non-Violent offenders, Non-violent offenders.

The link below is to a Federal Judicial Center listing of ReEntry programs by Federal Court District. For the Northern District of Florida, the listing states:


  • 24 months remaining on supervision (TSR or Probation)
  • Geographically located in the Pensacola Division
  • A Moderate to High PCRA score.
  • No sex offenses.

From non-violent Federal inmates with no sex offenses to inmates from any jurisdiction (local, state or Federal).

From Community REAP Gardens to Home Rehabilitation of uninhabitable bank owned properties by rent paying sex offenders.

This program clearly went chasing the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

You be the Judge...of the Judge.

I recently put up a letter to Judge Casey Rodgers regarding a letter from a Citizen to her about the group housing of sex offenders in a Brownsville neighborhood.  The house the local kids call the "Reaper House".

Why would the Citizen reach out to Judge Rodgers?  Because she is a founding Board member and champion of the organization.  She recruited Mayor Ashton Hayward to donate City resources (Saenger Theater) to REAP and to travel at City expense to a Re-Entry conference.

The Mayor even picks up the tab with our tax money when he takes her lunch.

So what does she do when she receives the letter from the Citizen?

He gets this:

On Friday, October 7, 2016 11:00 AM, "" <> wrote:

Good morning Mr. REDACTED,

My name is Anthony Castellano and I am the Chief U.S. Probation Officer for the Northern District of Florida. I am writing to set up a meeting with you, myself, and Chief Judge Rodgers to address your concerns regarding the issues and concerns you brought up in the letter you sent to Chief Judge Rodgers dated Octber 4, 2016. Would you be available either this afternoon (Friday) or sometime next Tuesday (October 11) to meet at the Federal Courthouse to discuss further? We look forward to having the opportunity to discuss your concerns. My contact information is noted below.



Now I see three potential items in the Judge's Rule Book I posted yesterday which may be at issue here:

  1. Otherwise, a judge should not personally participate in fund-raising activities, solicit funds for any organization, or use or permit the use of the prestige of judicial office for that purpose. 
  2. However, a judge should not participate in extrajudicial activities that detract from the dignity of the judge’s office
(G) Chambers, Resources, and Staff. A judge should not to any substantial degree use judicial chambers, resources, or staff to engage in extrajudicial activities permitted by this Canon.

You be the judge.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Posted at Reader Request

(B) Outside Influence. A judge should not allow family, social, political, financial, or other relationships to influence judicial conduct or judgment. A judge should neither lend the prestige of the judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others nor convey or permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence the judge. A judge should not testify voluntarily as a character witness.

Canon 4: A Judge May Engage in Extrajudicial Activities that are Consistent with the Obligations of Judicial Office 
A judge may engage in extrajudicial activities, including law-related pursuits and civic, charitable, educational, religious, social, financial, fiduciary, and governmental activities, and may speak, write, lecture, and teach on both law-related and nonlegal subjects. However, a judge should not participate in extrajudicial activities that detract from the dignity of the judge’s office, interfere with the performance of the judge’s official duties, reflect adversely on the judge’s impartiality, lead to frequent disqualification, or violate the limitations set forth below.

(3) Organizations. A judge may participate in and serve as a member, officer, director, trustee, or nonlegal advisor of a nonprofit organization devoted to the law, the legal system, or the administration of justice and may assist such an organization in the management and investment of funds. A judge may make recommendations to public and private fund-granting agencies about projects and programs concerning the law, the legal system, and the administration of justice.

(B) Civic and Charitable Activities. A judge may participate in and serve as an officer, director, trustee, or nonlegal advisor of a nonprofit civic, charitable, educational, religious, or social organization, subject to the following limitations:
(1) A judge should not serve if it is likely that the organization will either be engaged in proceedings that would ordinarily come before the judge or be regularly engaged in adversary proceedings in any court.
(2) A judge should not give investment advice to such an organization but may serve on its board of directors or trustees even though it has the responsibility for approving investment decisions.

(C) Fund Raising. A judge may assist nonprofit law-related, civic, charitable, educational, religious, or social organizations in planning fund-raising activities and may be listed as an officer, director, or trustee. A judge may solicit funds for such an organization from judges over whom the judge does not exercise supervisory or appellate authority and from members of the judge’s family. Otherwise, a judge should not personally participate in fund-raising activities, solicit funds for any organization, or use or permit the use of the prestige of judicial office for that purpose. A judge should not personally participate in membership solicitation if the solicitation might reasonably be perceived as coercive or is essentially a fund-raising mechanism. 

(G) Chambers, Resources, and Staff. A judge should not to any substantial degree use judicial chambers, resources, or staff to engage in extrajudicial activities permitted by this Canon. 

Canon 4C. A judge may attend fund-raising events of law-related and other organizations although the judge may not be a speaker, a guest of honor, or featured on the program of such an event. Use of a judge’s name, position in the organization, and judicial designation on an organization’s letterhead, including when used for fund raising or soliciting members, does not violate Canon 4C if comparable information and designations are listed for others.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Julius Spencer Better Tread Lightly

It is no secret around town that Julius Spencer is toying with the idea of running for Mayor.

So it came as a little shock to me when he was so adamant about issuing Offshore Inland a default notice.  You see Offshore inland is in a very cyclical business.  One with peaks and valleys.  One subject to market conditions.

One sort of similar to...AEROSPACE.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, all of the same risks put into the Offshore Inland bucket are present in the VT-MAE bucket.

So lets run down this rabbit trail.  Suppose Spencer is elected Mayor.  Fat chance but let's suppose.

Will he be so adamant about a demand letter to VT-MAE when the aircraft MRO cycle decreases?

Or is his desire to put the condos Adache Group proposed years ago, that he and Sam Hall begged me to go listen to their presentation at the Fish House, greater than his desire for "Good Business Practices"?

Is his desire to silence the hum of the ships, so great that he would treat a PORT tenant worse than an AIRPORT tenant?

VT-MAE will hit market dips.  Count on it.
Remember Pensacola is a satellite of Mobile.
Last in, First out!

ST Aerospace has done it before.  They cull unproductive subsidiaries routinely.  All of the following are this year.'s-aerospace-arm-liquidates-madrid-aerospace-services-sl's-electronics-arm-dissolves-united-kingdom-subsidiary-parallel-limited's-land-systems-arm-completes-liquidation-of-allied-ordnance-of-singapore-(pte)-ltd's-electronics-arm-completes-liquidation-of-china-subsidiary-in-shenzhen

Be careful Julius, Pensacola's future potential delinquent leaseholders are watching!

Just the Facts of Aerospace Life

Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Funny: Derek & Drew Get Schooled by Dubuisson. Let Me Prove Her Point

Saw the following over on the Escambia Citizens Watch Facebook Page.

Derek Cosson Dotty — no one volunteered the information about Mr. Outzen. I was irritated that my relatively minor requests were taking longer than I felt they should, so I asked why. I was told, politely, that another requestor had several time-intensive requests ahead of me in the queue. After digging deeper (public records requests themselves are public records) I learned that Mr. Outzen has submitted upwards of 50 records requests to the city this year. God only knows how many hours city employees have spent on these requests.

I have been and remain an ardent supporter of Florida's public records statute. Mr. Outzen certainly has the right to make as many requests as he wants. But I've been on the other side of things and I understand how disruptive it can be when employees have to take hours out of their day to review records because of one guy's politically motivated requests. In other words, Outzen wants to write about problems with the city's public records system, so he is creating problems with the city's public records system.

Dorothy Dubuisson I would take issue with the statement"Outzen wants to write about the public records system, so he is creating problems with the city's public record system." Problems are of administraton's now workable response and adequate trained assistance in providing should be in place. The city administration attempts to minimize sharing of info is the direct cause of colossal failure. Goes back beyond Rick's current requests. Your assigning political motives to a fellow journalist is laughable considering your track record. Grow up and quit getting off with your petty attempts to discredit others in your arena. Many citizens believe Outzen's digging for facts has far greater value to the long term health of this community than fuzzy warm pandering articles do. not interested in opinions of a poser who cannot even spell name correctly. Have a great day!


Drew Buchanan "Many citizens believe Outzen's digging for facts has far greater value to the long term health of this community than fuzzy warm pandering articles do."

Wow, Dotty. Tell us how you really feel. Honorable people can disagree but your below the belt personal attacks are below you.

Dorothy Dubuisson Many publicly supported concerns might correlate.,wIth personal passions,agreed. How can you determine motivation? Many of your efforts appear to be politically motivated by your sponsors and friends passions as well, does that diminish the validity of facts shared? Citizens are thirsty for real factual knowledge in an attempt to understand the runaway train that is heading us all into a community crash, or at the least into a sidetracking of community route. Not going to play word games with you today, have serious issues of responding to real human need to keep me busy. Bash away!

Drew Buchanan Dorothy Dubuisson "Many of your efforts appear to be politically motivated by your sponsors and friends passions as well."

We don't take such allegations lightly, Dotty.

Provide support for such claims and bullying attacks, please.


The Case Supporting DD'S Claim.

Look what Derek states. "After digging deeper (public records requests themselves are public records) I learned that Mr. Outzen has submitted upwards of 50 records requests to the city this year."

So Derek dug deeper on Outzen requests. OK!

Where did the Derek evidence appear?  Link to Bobby K's Blog with Derek's PRR

What does Bobby K say in line one?  According to our list of Public Record Requests, in 2016, Mr. Outzen has managed to equal his record request total from the previous three years, making over fifty requests this year alone (see image below this post).

Derek said I...Bobby said OUR!!

So Drew...OUR with Bobby K?

Who is your oldest advertiser?  

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury.
  • Kerrigan props up the Pulse financially.
  • Kerrigan uses Drew and Derek to do his research and shield him.
  • Until Kerrigan wants to attack, but Drew and Derek can't figure out a story angle, then the Drew and Derek info that has Kerrigan all twitchy gets posted on Kerrigan's blog.
Drew, you stated:

"Many of your efforts appear to be politically motivated by your sponsors and friends passions as well."

We don't take such allegations lightly, Dotty.

Provide support for such claims and bullying attacks, please.

Drew Buchanan, the jury finds you GUILTY AS CHARGED!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

REAP First Pass Wrap Up

This week I have scratched the surface on REAP and its issues with "Group Homes" for sex offenders.  I will now start making public records requests for applications, financial documents, and other documentation.

So to summarize facts found to date:

  • A Citizen was brave enough to issue a letter to Federal Judge Casey Rodgers advising her of what was going on in REAP.
  • Rodgers was the founder, an initial board member and the public face for REAP accepting numerous awards and accolades.
  • Rodgers founded the program for Federal non-violent offenders as a means to reintegrate them into society.
  • Rodgers enlisted Mayor Ashton Hayward to be a supporter of REAP.
  • Hayward, under Federal Criminal Investigation, must have thought helping a Federal Judge might be a good idea.
  • His criminal defense attorney was on the REAP Board also (Did he suggest the Mayor's involvement?)
  • The Mayor spent City tax dollars to travel to a REAP conference.
  • The Mayor was keynote speaker at REAP graduations.
  • The Mayor had Judge Rodgers child be his intern at City Hall.
  • The Mayor's campaign treasurer and pension guru joined up with REAP as their Treasurer.
  • In 2015, REAP wanted to apply to Impact 100 for a grant.
  • Impact requires tax returns.  REAP hadn't done them.
  • REAP files 2013 Federal tax return on February 2, 2015.  Rather late.  Leaves Rodgers off.
  • March 9, 2015 the IRS records 2013 return filed.  TOTAL REVENUE $11,430
  • Impact 100 applicants workshop starts April 2015
  • REAP files 2014 tax return TOTAL REVENUE $10,846
  • 2 years - Year One $11,430 Year two $10,486.
  • REAP wins $106,000 or 10 times their annual revenues from Impact 100 to HOUSE offenders in neighborhoods.  Does Impact 100 know they include sex offenders?
  • REAP also received $5,000 from Sheriff David Morgan.
  • Together REAP and Morgan apply for a grant from the State of Florida and the McArthur Foundation
  • REAP begins housing sex offenders in "GROUP HOMES" in Brownsville owned by Gulf Coast Community Bank.
  • REAP claims the houses are uninhabitable and the "residents" will fix them up for free while paying rent.  WHAT?
  • Some program participants are forced to sleep in the yard in tents.  Nice housing!
  • Residents complain and start calling code enforcement.
  • Code enforcement steps in.
  • Gulf Coast Community Bank evicts the offenders.
  • Rick Dye the Executive Director resigns.
  • The program and its Impact 100 and state grant funds are now being administered by a man convicted of misuse of Trust funds.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

REAP Fallout: IMPACT 100 Assisted REAP (Unknowingly) In Placing Sex Offenders In Neighborhoods

$106,000 for Sex Offenders in Neighborhoods??

Project Description

Drawing on three years’ experience resourcing and working with over 60 local re-entering federal ex-offenders, REAP’S project proposes to expand re-entry services to include both federal inmates and approximately 30 additional men, women and juveniles returning from years of state incarceration back home to Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties’ neighborhoods to live, work and play. Funds will be used to provide the basic resources of housing, food, medical and mental health care and transportation. Additionally, the project will fund tuition, course fees, and books for an ongoing Learn to Read program, which is started six months prior to release from prison, and is customized for each individual based on his/her individual reading and writing levels, and other coursework providing job readiness training. Finally, a living stipend will be provided for the first 30 days after release from incarceration. These resources are the first steps needed for them to be ready for job interviewing and stable employment, which is the key factor in reducing recidivism.

Did REAP tell the ladies of Impact that SEX OFFENDERS were their new target clients for neighborhoods?

Do we really want convicted sex offenders live, work and playing TOGETHER in our neighborhoods IN GROUP HOMES?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

REAP Fallout: Rick Dye OUT as Executive Director

From Rick Dye's Facebook Page

Dear friends, associates and life long supporters,

We learn in management school that the same skill set and interest which gets an enterprise going is not the the same skill set and interest needed to continue to keep it operating. This has never been more true than with REAP and me.

After 3 years of ramping this re-entry service up and settling in with the Florida Department Of Corrections, my friends on my Board and I could sense my growing frustration and we knew this... day would come.

Therefore, as a result of our now securing a $200,000 State of Florida contract to operate the Pensacola ReEntry Portal on the campus of Richards Memorial United Methodist Church, I am putting up my soapbox again for a few months and headed back north to spend some time with our newest grandson and all my other precious grandchildren in Louisville and Kansas City. My entrepreneur spirit, out of the box thinking and my get ur done attitude will not go well with the rigid boundaries necessary to successfully manage a State contract.

Please begin to direct your future REAP communications and contact to Vinnie Whibbs who has been our Director of Operations from the start. Thanks to all of you for your continued support in our reaching this point in REAP's maturity and I ask your continued support and love for these men and women returning home and seeking their second chance.

Once I get enough of that snow and ice, I'll be coming back home for yet another adventure in helping others.

So stay in touch, I may need some help!!!

What "out of the box thinking" and "get ur done decisions" brought this about?

This charity needs to make an official statement about what went on.  State monies are involved.

REAP Fallout: GCCB kicks out the REAP's Sex Offenders

Below is an email from Gulf Coast Community Bank to Escambia County informing the County the Bank was evicting the sex offenders from the Bank owned property.

-------- Original message --------
Date: 9/30/16 3:41 PM (GMT-06:00)
To: "Vonche R. Jackson" <>
Cc:,, "Vince Whibbs (" <>, Buzz Ritchie <>, "Will Dunaway (" <>, "Rick Dye (" <>
Subject: 909 Lynch
Officer Jackson:
With regards to the property located at 909 Lynch, the premises will be vacated by 6:00 p.m. this evening.  Thank you.
Assistant Vice President
Gulf Coast Community Bank
40 N Palafox St
Pensacola, FL 32502
Direct #: 850-202-XXXX

The question becomes where did they go and why were they there in the first place?

Who do we ask about this?

Friday, October 7, 2016

Time to Start Unpacking the REAP Letter to Judge Rodgers

Yesterday I posted a letter from a Citizen to US Federal Judge Casey Rodgers concerning her charity the Re-Entry Alliance of Pensacola (REAP).  The letter was full of facts concerning the actions of the organization and allegations which need to be addressed.

Unpacking that letter will take some time.  No time like the present to start!

So lets list the charges as stated in the letter:
  • Violated IRS statutes by denying the public access to 501(c) 3 financial documents
  • Violated IRS statutes by denying the public access to its 501(c) 3 application
  • Violated IRS statutes against lobbying – at several levels.
  • Violated Escambia County Florida Zoning Regulations
  • Violated Escambia County Code Enforcement Statutes
  • Discriminated against a designated class of individuals in violation of four US statutes
The Citizen states:

"On August 5, I requested in writing the 1023 or 1024 and the 990 forms from the president of REAP, a 501 (c) 3. Both the President and the Executive Director refused to comply with my request for public financial documents. Instead I was set upon by the organization's  “Operations Manager” in a telephone call at 3:48 CST on August 10, 2016. The call originated from   850-324-6667, REAP’s office. In that conversation a Mr. Vince Whibbs asked me why I wanted the documents; then proceeded to tell me why I was not going to get them."

Well, those are public documents.  The Citizen is right and by denying them when requested, the organization violated the Federal Internal Revenue Code and could loose their not for profit status.

So lets show what we have to date to the public.

Interesting Items of Note:
  • Right under the year, what does that say? "Open to Public Inspection"  Your honor we have a Federal problem!
  • The 2013 return was filed when - February 2 ,2015.   2015!  Your honor we have a Federal problem!
  • Who signed the return?  David Penzone, the Mayor's campaign finance manager and his Union negotiator.
  • Who is a Board member?  David McGee, the Mayor's criminal defense attorney.
  • Where is the office of REAP?  Beggs & Lane, the Mayor's criminal defense firm and the City's go to law firm for all legal matters.
  • Who else is a Board member?  Bill Rankin, law partner of the Mayor's puppet master, Bob Kerrigan
2013 was the first return.  The form describes programs that were planned for the future but states that the Community garden was the only program for the year of the return.  

But here is the State of Florida incorporation documents.

It lists Judge Rodgers as a Director, the tax return does not.  Houston we have a problem!  

Did they file a false document concerning a Federal judge with the Federal government?

That's not good!