Friday, December 18, 2015

Sweetheart Tower Lease Approved in August 2012...No Payments til 2013

In the account history at the link below, Divine Word began its lease by going directly into default. City of Pensacola financial ledgers reflect that the first payment under the lease was not received until January 11, 2013, 5 months after inking the deal.

But that's OK because Tricky Dick Barker's crack accounting system had nothing in it to reflect the non-payment as the system also shows that Tricky Dick and the City did not record any lease payments due until they received the check for $5,000 on January 10th.  They conveniently enter $5,000 in bills dated the day before the $5,000 check is processed.

Late Rent

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Our City's Operations are terrible:

  • Planning allows deals that are not eligible under zoning
  • Legal misses the zoning issues in review and evens draft the illegal lease
  • Leases are signed before they are reviewed by legal
  • Accounting systems are reactive to payments rather than proactive with bills.
  • Orders to remove the concrete are allowed to "change" to be OK when reviewed.


Anonymous said...

You should use a Pinocchio nose for Barker.

Anonymous said...

I looked at what you posted, and it doesn't make a lot of sense. I see it says it is on page 7, so I assume there is something before this.

It also doesn't make sense because it shows 2 postings of payments in January of 2013--one for $5,000 (8 months, plus $200) on January 11th, and one of $1,800 on January 22nd (3 months worth?) . So for these numbers to be what you think they are, we would have to assume that Divine Word paid 11 months plus $200 ($6,800) in January, which would mean that they paid the 5 previous months plus over 6 months into the future.

Doesn't make a lot of sense. These look like accounting adjustments, meaning that these amounts were probably posted to a different account.

Wasn't Divine Word already paying a lesser lease amount, like $200, before the new lease? Maybe the City mixed up the two accounts? At least that would explain why there would be an odd amount.

Anonymous said...

Maren, at least Dick Barker is good at what he does. What say you about these pack of characters?

City Attorney = Incompetent and lacking of common sense

City Administrator = Ignorant, Mindless, Clueless of the job

Council Executive = Bankrupt and lazy

Public Information Director = Inexperienced and a lap dog

I am so glad I live in Gulf Breeze and do not have to pay a cent to these hacks.

Anonymous said...

City Hall is run by idiots. The evidence continues to be overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Count Barker in as a leader in re-opening the city pension with his crackpot projections .

How did that work out?