Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Redfish Harbor before the County Planning Board

Will the Mayor speak as an owner?

Link to Posting

Posting of documents including Matt Pair, the Mayor's partner with City Contractor Cody Rawson, signing off.

Planning Documents

Page 7 and 8 shows the assignment by Pair and Hayward as Heron Bay to Redfish Harbor also known as Pair, Hayward and Rawson.

The Mayor's autograph is on page 7 and 8 at the link above.

One page 8 the Mayor is identified as a member of Redfish Harbor.  Clear as a bell!

The Mayor is supposed to be running the City not developing a subdivision.


Anonymous said...

This was signed in 2005, I can see where this would possibly be a Charter violations if it were during his tenure as mayor.

Anonymous said...


You may want to take your robot challenge test to insure you are not a robot.

You make sense.
Too bad my time and comments are ignored.
Leaving this city.

Keep digging.

Hope I pass the robot challenge, or you.

One more time, and think how many you lost, with this system.

Dee Horton said...

I respectfully ask you to continue to dig and discover the 'Rest of This Fishy Redfish Harbor Story', Please.
I am a Perdido Resident and I'm really bothered having seen the large Live Oaks cleared off this property that was supposed to be an Assisted Living Comunity, and now a less shady, partial estuary location sitting on Bayou Gracon on or little precious Inerarity Point Road.

We are very concerned here in Perdido and want to have many answers, 1 of which is, Why was there never rezoning signs posted??? Discovering the players/property owners and who they are and how it all is starting to connect up in this Deal, the question has become, What did they know & when did they know it?? Hmmm

We have discussed much about this, in our Escambia County Citizens Watch Group, and here is the link:

Anonymous said...


If one wanted to get in touch with the Escambia County Citizens Watch Group, how would they go about it? I could not find their physical address on the internet and I am not on facebook so I cannot access their social media page.

Thanks for all of your hard work!