Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Quint Studer to Reshape a City...And it Ain't Pensacola

Quint Studer is reshaping his other home town, Janesville WI



Anonymous said...

If you read the article here's what it says.

"-- A $20-million, oceanfront minor-league baseball stadium STUDER BANKROLLED that now is the home for the Blue Wahoos, the AA affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds."

Your indignation, and the indignation of all of the residents of Pensacola and Escambia County, should be high. Quint Studer didn't pay a penny for the baseball stadium but he certainly wants to give that impression to others. I have a well-educated friend from Gulf Breeze that believes that the stadium was paid for by Quint Studer.

The article mentions how Studer is financing an apartment complex but neglects to mention that he has threatened not to do so unless the taxpayers of Pensacola give him millions of dollars in tax breaks so that he can put millions of dollars in his pocket.

NotaGOB said...

Without EDATE Quinty and his investers only get a 7% return on their apartment complex investment. So like any good grifter, Quinty demands we the taxpayer give him an extra 3% profit or else he will take his football and go home.

It's not that the project is not feasible, it's that he feels he deserves an inflated profit margin financed by the locals who will get nothing in return. Bend over Pensacola.

Anonymous said...

Janesville is a great city. You should take a visit up north to check it out.