Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Longhollow Tower: Messer Missed Forest; Caught the Trees

In reviewing the Longhollow Tower lease and City's approval sheet, I noted the following timeline on the City's approval sheet:
  • August 3, 2012 Al Garza's assistant, Lee Smith, signed the lease
  • August 3, 2012 Sent by Al Garza for approval.
  • August 3, 2012 Received and approved by George Maiberger
  • August 3, 2012 Received by Asst Risk Manager
  • August 14, 2012 Sent to Mayor
  • August 15, 2012  Received for Mayor by Reynolds; its architect
  • Messer's review is undated.
City Attorney Messer states:
"Please have two witnesses sign.  He cannot attest to his own signature."

In the final lease Gene Church does attest to his own signature.  Two witnesses are added.

Is Messer's comment an "either" or "both" ?  

Obviously since the signed lease only indicates the Secretary is to attest with no typed individual names, the lease MUST have been signed by Church prior to the Messer review or he would not have known to make the statement; "He cannot attest to his own signature"

Was the lease signed prior to being forwarded to City staff for approval?


Anonymous said...

Interesting that the Council approved it in May, yet the lease wasn't signed till August. We know from the previous emails dating back almost a year that Gene Church was highly anxious to get that lease agreement so it was staff stalling. We also know that another significant flooding event occurred in the neighborhood in June that caused significant flooding damage as photographed in the PNJ. All of this explains the growing number of staff who knew the City had a major flooding problem because the pond was inadequate and didn't want anything to do with leasing needed pond in order to build a christian radio tower for the Mayor's friend. Senior staff didn't want their names associated with it. Note that Al Garza was obviously at City Hall because he forwarded the contract the same day, but he had his assistant sign for him, which is not normal protocol based on previous documents. Garza, Head of Public Works and our city's infrastructure including the city's vital storm water ponds, wouldn't sign it. Even the Mayor wouldn't sign it and had Reynolds sign for him.

CJ Lewis said...

On November 24, District 3's Court Jester Councilman Andy Terhaar summed up the way things are done in city hall without regard for state or city laws or policies, "Sometimes there are things more important than procedures." I think we should all be very grateful that Terhaar was not suited for military service where procedures are important and the failure to complete some, such as the "pencil whipping" of a check of the air pressure in an aircraft tire or the servicing of an ejection seat, can get people killed.

Anonymous said...

So much for separation of church and state. The City gives away our much needed storm water pond land for a Catholic radio tower. Meanwhile, every home and business directly south, including property owned by the County that we had to pay to remodel, receives flood damage when the pond fails. Why was it automatically given to a church-friend of the Mayor's parents without a public advertisement that the City was contemplating leasing out the land?

Anonymous said...

What he should have said, sometimes stuff for our friends trumps the law, policies, ordinances , procedures, etc. We are ABOVE the law. We are ABOVE everything because we can do as we please with absolutely NO consequences what so ever. Our Mayor can create his own laws, charter definitions, etc. WE ARE PENSACOLA.... we spit on the law, no one rules us.

And... we can do this because our Chief Law Enforcement, the State Attorney is a pansy whom is afraid very afraid to rock the boat because he is in it!

Anonymous said...

the way it reads....messer approved as to form (trees) Garza approved content (forest).