Thursday, December 10, 2015

Barker's Financial Circus Continues

From Page 427 of the City Budget

Enterprise Zone Advisory Board (EZAB) - (13 members appointed by City Council) Mandated by the State of Florida for each community with an Enterprise Zone designation (Florida Statutes 290.0056). Is utilized to bring volunteer knowledge and interest in economic revitalization issues to the City Council and city staff and to assist with the development and implementation of the Enterprise Zone Development Plan.

Mandated...but hasn't met since 2008, hasn't filed required documents since 2008.

This is another Barker failure.


CJ Lewis said...

To have an Enterprise Zone and grant Enterprise Zone Incentives, state law requires the governing body of a county or municipality to comply with multiple requirements to include defining the boundaries of the Entrprise Zone that must exhibit "pervasive poverty, unemployment and general distress" as those terms are defined by state law and submitting a strategic plan for the Enterprise Zone.

In 2002, the Council adopted Ordinance #33-02 that created the Enterprise Zone Development Agency (assigning the City Attorney to be its legal advisory) and the Enterprise Zone Advisory Board. The Enterprise Zone Strategic Plan was adopted in 2002.

Everything seems to have operated will when John Fleming was the
City Attorney and Tom Bonfield was the City Manager. Then, in 2008, Rusty Wells was made the City Attorney and Al Coby the City Manager. At that point, Enterprise Zone #1702 crumbled with the Enterprise Zone Development Agency non-functional complying with none of the requirements of state law (to include not submitting an annual report to the state frmo 2008 to present) and the Enterprise Zone Advisory Board became "inactive" the way Burt C. Von Hoff in the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity described it to Council Executive Lila Cox (perhaps fired by Hayward
for asking too many questions about the Enterprise Zone Advisory Board) and more recently to Councilwoman Sherri Myers.

On November 23, Myers submitted a public records request to review the missing Enterprise Zone Advisory Board meeting minutes not listed under the board in its slot on the Council's List of Boards & Commissions. Within hours, City Administrator Eric Olson secretly directed that the Enterprise Zone Advisory Board be removed from the list of the Council's Boards & Commissions.

On November 24, the Council held two special meetings. Before, during and after, Olson did not tell Myers what he had done. After the meetings, City Attorney Bowling told Myers that she could find no evidence that the Entrprise Zone Development Agency and Enterprise Zone Advisory Board even existed. On December 2, City Clerk Ericka Burnett told Myers that she did not know that Olson had removed the listing for the Enterprise Zone Advisory Board.

The issued no one wants to ask is if the City of Pensacola can approve Entrprise Zone Incentives if the Enterprise Zone Advisory Board is inactive, the Enterprise Zone Development Agency is not functional and Enterprise Zone #1702 is a legal fiction soley to allow business owners to fraudulently claim city, county and tax exemptions and credits.

Anonymous said...

CJ needs to run against Wu. Wu is a good ole boy in bow tie.

Sherri Myers said...

The council rules adopted in 2007 regarding processing EDATS require that they be approved by the Enterprise Zoning Development Agency and then recommended to City Council. The Council has been approving EDATS for 8 years without following its own process, or the requirements of the State of Florida, for that matter. Doesn't seem to bother the council. According to Andy Terhaar, I am the only council member to be bothered by this. I take that comment as a compliment. After the vote I was soundly chastised by councilman Spencer for expressing myself in an emotional manner about the subject. I just seem to get emotional about the citizens being lied to and deceived by city officials - especially when it is their money. I will try to control my emotions better. Reminds me of a line from a Mae West movie when she struts into a court room and the judge asked, "Are you showing contempt for this court?" Her reply, "No, your honor, I'm trying my best to hid it."

Anonymous said...

" I just seem to get emotional about the citizens being lied to and deceived by city officials - especially when it is their money."

Where was that emotion when the citizens were being lied to and deceived during the CMP (aka baseball stadium) scam?

Anonymous said...

What on earth are paying all those high salaries for such incompetent idiots? The only thing they seem to be good at is fraud.

Anonymous said...

They must pay high salaries for the kind of incompetence that is fraud and corruption against the taxpayers. A real professional would not jeopardize their ethics or reputation... Enter weeks and Morris.