Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Another Longhollow Tower Question

From the Longhollow tower lease:

Section 9. Assignment and Subletting. The rights of the Parties under this Agreement are not assignable. Tenant may not sublet all or any part of the Property without the prior written consent of the City in the City's sole discretion. City's consent to any subletting will not constitute a waiver of the necessity for consent to any subsequent or additional subletting. No subletting agreement or occupancy will release Tenant from the complete performance of any provision or condition or payment required in this Lease.

Divine Word is subleasing tower space to other radio stations including AM 1620 I understand.

Where is the City's written consent?


Anonymous said...

I looked at the lease online, and property is defined as the land. The tower belongs to Divine Word Radio. If they own it, they can probably do what they want to with it.

Anonymous said...

It is ironic that there is no communication within the city regarding a very tall tower, built for the purpose of, communicating.

Anonymous said...

This is the same Mayor that ran all over town consulting outside attorneys to come up with pages of lease additions and requirements in order for Studer to rent city owned land, but he did none of that to secure a decent lease for his friend wanting the radio tower. Strange how the Mayor isn't concerned in the slightest about this lease agreement and all its major violations. These other radio stations that have equipment on that tower and access to the tower and the city's property, have given the City NO insurance certificate as required by the lease, and as you report, have no permission from the Council to even be there. The moment that a worker from the other radio stations gets hurt, which could easily happen with so many equipment adjustments and work that is being performed 300+ feet in the air, the citizens of Pensacola will be on the hook. Great job Mayor Hayward, you should be so proud. #upsideofFlorida

Anonymous said...

The tower sits on the land. The city wants to know everyone who has access to the property and know that they have insurance coverage to protect the city from liability. If Gene Church is giving access to the property to other radio companies, then they need insurance. The emails were clear from Gene Church that Maren posted that he wanted that provision taken out of the lease about having to get Council approval but it was kept in the lease. No one should be on that property without approval from the Council and insurance.

Anonymous said...

Agreements? Shoot. The city doesn't follow agreements.

They don't follow the charter, the land development code, or contract requirements....... unless someone goes looking at them and then they feign ignorance.
How many peoples are the taxpayers paying to check and review ?
How many outside attorneys are being consulted?
What is the total paid for attorney help ?

It seems they always consult for the purposes of avoiding compliance!