Wednesday, December 9, 2015

After Longhollow, Council Should Question Staff's Advice On EDATE Legality

Rusty Wells, who allegedly is being transferred due to his expressed desire to not work directly with Council President Charles Bare, sent Council a memo through the Council Executive that stated:

“I do believe the council could, if it so chooses, adopt the ordinance with the understanding that it may be repealed at a later time if it is subsequently deemed to be ineffective under Florida law.”

Council if you do not get Rusty's subtle wording....INEFFECTIVE EQUALS ILLEGAL.

A little smoke and mirrors.  See...he's the James Bond of attorneys I recall.  :)


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. 'Rusty Wells doesn't want to work with Councilman Charles Bare'. Guess what Rusty Wells? That's actually a COMPLIMENT. You aren't fit to wipe the boots of Charles Bare. Charles Bare is an honorable man, an honest man, an ethical man who does the right thing. He isn't corrupt. He stands up for what is right which is why the first thing the Mayor did was to change the Charter to eliminate his and Dr. Megan Benson Pratt's At-Large seats on the City Council. What do you do? You joke about your desire to get back to your government office where you can continue to surf porn on government time. You write about drinking on the job. You send flirty texts back and forth to young city employees who could have and probably should have charged you with sexual harassment. Instead of giving expert legal advice during Council meetings, you send derogatory texts attacking the Council members during their meetings. How many paychecks were you collecting for the same 8-hour work day when you were the Assistant City attorney? Working for the County, the Sherriff's office, the City, and Community Action Program? Give the taxpayers a break and go home. WE don't want to work with you either.

Anonymous said...

Attorneys are deliberately precise in their word choices. Particularly when writing. So, when an attorney uses a strangely placed word like "ineffective" in place of "illegal" there is a reason.

Anonymous said...

Okay... Some of the City employees need to go! You have some who don't even show up until NOON! How is this acceptable? Mr. Wells needs to go! I tried calling Council office several times last week, no one doesn't come in until noon! These employees are double dipping into retirement, how is this acceptable and permitted. Where is the leadership in cleaning up this corruption?

Anonymous said...

NEVER prepared for the most obvious questions that the council would raise even after years of doing the same job! . A be-backer. He will be back with the answer sometime and hopes the council forgets

Working three jobs in the same 8 hour day for years must be tiring which is why he naps during meetings.

no matter that he doesn't just work for the city, is inappropriate with female staffers is a potential lawsuit, is disrespectful to the council and the taxpayers funding his presence

There is a reason he is still their boy