Monday, November 16, 2015

Who's featured on Divine Word Radio Facebook?

Anyone shocked?

National show but DWR pimps the Mayor's buddy's March.  Coincidence?

Longhollow tower in Conservation District for Stormwater.
Who's on Northwest Florida Water Management District's Board?

NFWMD Mission Includes:
Flood Protection
Promoting flood protection through non-structural techniques. These methods include acquiring and maintaining floodplains, regulatory activities, and providing technical expertise to local governments and state and federal agencies for flood protection programs.

Look through the facebook for any other mention of that show.  Still looking?

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Anonymous said...

The Dynamic Duo of Mayor Hayward and Jerry Pate strike again. Let me guess, Jerry Pate also forgot to review the plans for the 400 foot radio tower and new building built in the Long Hollow Storm Water Basin which is within the review area of the NW Florida Water Management District?