Friday, November 20, 2015

Well That Didn't Take Long

In September, Mayoral flunkies Derek Cosson and Drew Buchanan started The Pulse.  Their stated mission included:

"Our mission is simple: to provide Pensacola and the Gulf Coast with a locally-owned, independent, un-coopted source for news, commentary, and more."

"The Pulse is your community destination for bold ideas and forward thinking that matters."

"We want to provide a news product which is better, more professional, and more ethical than anything else on the market."

"The Pulse is not going to be a gossip site. We go beyond the superficial to tell untold stories and to highlight issues relevant to the lives of real people in our community."

Cosson and Buchanan set off with nice photographs, interesting historical articles and tons of press releases.  Initial advertisers were only Buchanan's pedibus business and another business that shares the offices with The Pulse.  The ONLY present advertiser is Bob Kerrigan.

The Pulse is a stalwart supporter of all actions by the Mayor.

Well... we all knew that sooner of later, the inner Derek, the one that has come to overshadow all of the talent the boy has, would come out.

In a recent Dick's Blogesque "satire" piece, the Boy Wonder writing as "Dirk Scuttlebutt" issues an article entitled Mitchell: Food Trucks Signal End of Days

The article is printed below without edit...and is clearly the same type of shameful attacks as the former Dick's Blog.

Wilmer Mitchell has seen a lot in his days, but for the 109-year-old patriarch of the Seville Quarter empire, nothing compares to the danger presented by food trucks. “Stop the food trucks!” screeched Mitchell from his perch somewhere inside Rosie O’Grady’s. “The end is nigh! The floodgates hath been unleashed!” Mitchell is referring to the food trucks ordinance tentatively passed last month by Pensacola’s city council. Tomorrow night, the council is set to take a final vote on the issue, and Mitchell warns that destruction and damnation await us all if the ordinance is approved. “I can’t overstate what a post-apocalyptic hellscape downtown Pensacola will be if we let food trucks in here,” said Mitchell. “Thousands of food trucks will descend on our streets, taking every parking space for miles. Before long, every brick-and-mortar restaurant within fifty miles will shut its doors. And that’s when the food truck people will seize city hall and open up the re-education camps.”
Mitchell says that food trucks have been responsible for most of humanity’s lowest points, including the stock market crash of 1929 and Hurricane Katrina. “Multiple people report seeing food trucks near Dealey Plaza on the day Kennedy was shot,” Mitchell said. “Coincidence? I think not.”

Wilmer Mitchell is president of Seville Quarter. He didn’t actually say any of these things.

Derek Derek Derek.  You just can't help yourself.


Anonymous said...

it must be a very depressing life being Derek Cosson, so sad...

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Michael Caro disclose he owns the food truck court when he speaks against food trucks?

Anonymous said...

Derek is a pitiful human being.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mitchell has a right to express his opinions and as a business owner in the affected area he brings another perspective to the discussion. He is a respectable man, very unlike Derek Cosson. He has invested in Downtown, saved historic buildings, and provided jobs in the community. Whether you agree with his perspective or not, as an American he is entitled to it and what Derek Cosson continues to do as a coward, is try and diminish others and discourage those who may not agree with the Mayor to ever speak out or risk being reduced to one of Derek's parodies. I am ashamed that the Mayor of Pensacola is such a bully that he must hire the likes of Cosson, Kerrigan, and Levin to be his henchmen.

Anonymous said...

Wondering who is paying Derek that 60,000 a year now that the residents of Pensacola no longer have to foot the bill for his extreme malfeasance? Must be sucking trying to make an honest living in the real world with no real skills other than badly dressed political hack.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I found Dicks Blog and the above quite funny. Hilarious actually. What I did not find funny was out Rick Outzen went to his friend the Sheriff to start an illegal investigation whereby the Sheriff David Morgan either lied to the State Attorney's office to obtain a subpoena or The State Attorney's Office was complicit in this witch hunt to find the individual whom was spoofing Outzen.

Once having the information, THEN an official complaint was filed whereby the State Attorney's office PREDICTABLY found no law was broken. Outzen in the Sheriff was alleging Cyber Stalking, which a political parody would NEVER MEET THAT STANDARD. In fact, political parodies have been around since Caesar.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 9:31 PM.......The State Attorney is a joke and cannot be expected to do the right thing in these matters. Eddins is too busy trying to convict low level Meth users to attempt convicting Uncle Freddie's puppet. Eddins was bought and paid for many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the State Attorney's office issue 2 subpoenas to find the identity of Dick's Blog. Rick can dish it. He has attacked people for years. But, as soon as someone took a little poke at him and his buddies, he lost it. Sticks and stones hurt when the tides are turned.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget, Derek Cosson filed a false police report against Liz Watkins last year on city time and at City Hall.

Anonymous said...

I was a topic for Derek. It wasn't nice. And it was long before my fight for environmental justice for the Wedgewood communities. I could have sued. I didn't because they (the 7th flooor) is just an embarrassment that I didn't want to be linked to for the rest of my life.
We, the 99% must vote for a better representation. Please vote them all out!
G. Horning

Anonymous said...

Maren, I find it hilarious that you have deluded yourself into thinking you are somehow better. Boy Wonder, Bobble's hard to take you seriously.

You could actually provide a good service if you would stop all the nonsense.

Maren DeWeese said...

Anonymous 10:54pm

I have a blog.
I don't hold myself out as an independent news source.
I don't brag about my journalistic standards.
I don't have a My Mission page
I don't sell advertising.

Thanks for the input though. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Cosson became fair game once that city hall IP address popped up. I can appreciate the humor, but not at the expense of city revenue. It's amature hour and there is no place in city government for that kind of a nieve judgement call.

You got one shot at moving up and actually making a difference in this city... Shattered dreams.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Good points!