Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sunshine Law Violation?

In my previous post, I referred to the Council Communication section of the last meeting where President Terhaar stated:

"and also, December meeting, because of a conflict, there's an Admirals dinner I think that night, that a lot of Council members, or at least I've been told its highly attended, so I'm going go to move our meeting in December from Thursday the 10th to Wednesday the 9th.

See 3:25 mark of Council Communications

On January 15, 2015, City Council voted 6-2 on the following:
"That City Council establish a schedule of one regular meeting per month on the dates set forth on the attached schedule..."


  • If Council had to vote on the meeting dates, by what authority can the Council President arbitrarily change the date without any discussion or vote of Council?
  • If a Council Member told the President their desire to change the date, and WHY they want the date changed and the date of meetings requires a vote of Council, it that not a sunshine law violation?
  • If a Council Member went to the Council Executive and asked the Council Executive to recommend a change to the Council's voted on dates, and transmitted the reason for the requested change, when the Council Executive expressed the reason for the request to the President, hasn't he violated the Sunshine law and acted as a conduit of information to the President from another member?
  • City Council rules and procedures expressly states The Council may reschedule or cancel the monthly meeting.
  • Who gave the Council President supreme authority to change dates?

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