Thursday, November 5, 2015


When the Mayor unilaterally seized the lease for the airport concessions from Council, his reason was that the OHM lease he supported over a Citizen driven recommendation was that OHM was going to pay off in increased revenues to the airport.

Well, buried deep on page 272 of the 461 pages of supporting material for the Council Agenda Conference is a supplemental budget appropriation that Tricky Dick Barker slides through every year to make the year end numbers in each fund agree to what he wants them to be using such descriptions as

"Increase estimated revenue from miscellaneous revenue"   How clear and transparent is that?

Well, in the airport section is the line item:

"Decrease in estimated revenue from restaurant and lounge"       $255,185

Therefore, it is clear that OHM has provided the Airport with over a quarter of a million dollars LESS in revenue than expected by the Mayor in HIS 2014- 2015 budget.

Congratulations!  But Chick Fil A's taste good...except on Sundays.

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Anonymous said...

I am not a budget person so I am just assuming here!

If I recall OHM did not get into the airport for some reason on time with would have meant there was a lose in revenue - correct?

Could this be a projected lose of revenue due to them not making it last here and
as a result has to be shown as a lose in the over all picture from year to year expenses and gains?