Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mayor Hayward Backs McNesby for Sheriff

Redfish Harbors owners are Mayor Hayward, County Contractor Cody Rawson and Matt Pair.

From John Hill:
Big sign went up last week on Innerarity Road.
Yep, it is on the Redfish Harbor's site. Checking the current Financial Reports, there is already a lot of money contributed to McNesby and Morgan. http://www.voterfocus.com/ws/wscand/candidate_pr.php…
Always interesting to see who is backing which candidate. Quite a few $1,000.00 donors. 5 candidates, but McNesby and Morgan are way ahead in contributions.
Ron McNesby has $43,895.00
David Morgan has $35,970.00


Jimmie Staley said...

To respond to Hayward's backing of McNesby, I have to say the writing is on the wall on this one. We know what McNesby was; we know what Morgan is; We know McNesby will fall back into his old ways given a second opportunity; If Hayward is backing McNesby, that makes it a good bet they are in bed together, so to speak.

So to paraphrase Sir David, which turd is worth the cost of the damage they did to this community. As for my house, I say they are, at least, on the same level of the GOB. Look at the money. They are buying votes with future favors. So again as for me and my house, these two candidates do not exist. The race is between Johnson, Blackburn and Baldwin.

I would hope the people of Escambia County would not continue to make the same mistakes by allowing the McNesby corruption (Remember Childers, Bass, Smith Touart and Junior) nor would they be so foolish to think that Sir David might put the the legitimacy and honor back in the Escambia Co.Sheriff Dept that he spent the last 8 years demolitioning with inept leadership, political favors and blind eyes towards white crime (ie his morally bankrupt deputies) while attacking the black community and saying they are the problem in the county.

Is the GOB worth losing more of the community to crime, backroom politics that slight anyone as long as they don't fall into alignment with their dealings? These devils that you know have taken a great community to the brink of nonsensical levels of crime and disgrace. If you want change VMO (Vote Morgan/Mcnesby Out) 2016!

Anonymous said...

Vote them ALL out and call the DOJ!