Monday, November 23, 2015

Longhollow Tower Starting to Smell...Hayward was Involved. Church Knew He Couldn't Rebuild

In the October 27, 2011 email below, Gene Church emails Elisabeth Buswell, the Mayor's secretary, who is assisting Mr. Church with the Longhollow Tower PURCHASE.

What this email clearly shows:

  • Church believed he was going to be able to purchase the tower from the City.
  • Mayor Hayward was aware as Hayward arranged to have the property surveyed.
  • Church was aware he would be dealing with Bill Reynolds on the purchase
  • A sale price was to be developed.
  • Church understands the tower is a nonconforming use.
  • Church is aware that the Conservation zoning would not allow broadcast towers to be built.
  • The FCC will not allow the tower to be moved.
  • The current tower did not meet current hurricane and wind resistance standards.
  • He does not state a new tower would be built but merely "needed repairs and maintenance"
  • He had met with Hayward at least once as he states "with Mayor Hayward again"
  • What did the Boy Wonder promise Church and when?
  • Why is this a matter dealing with the Mayor, Mayor's secretary and the City Administrator?
  • How did the sale morph into a lease?
  • When did the "needed repairs and maintenance" turn into a new tower and why?
  • It appears Reynolds would have known about the Conservation zoning and restrictions based on Church being so forthcoming about it.  Why did the Mayor's staff not fully disclose all of this to Council?

This whole deal stinks like a City garbage can the day before our once a week collection!!

Church to Buswell on Page 3


Anonymous said...

But yet the voters overwhelmingly re elected Hayward to a 2nd term.

Anonymous said...

^Derek^.....ROFLMAO....overwhelmingly because less than half of the city came out to vote for anyone. He was elected by 20 percent of the populace of the city. That's not overwhelmingly no matter how you slice it. He ran against a completely unknown without deep pockets that still managed to get a third of the votes cast even though nobody expected her to get a tenth.

Anonymous said...

"But yet the voters overwhelmingly re elected Hayward to a 2nd term."

Further proof of citizen apathy & stupidity.