Thursday, November 12, 2015

Divine Word Tax Return

Do we have some tax issues with this not for profit?


  • 2013 filed in 2015?
  • No salaries for Church?  40 hours a week for no salary?
  • Where is tower construction in progress?
  • Did the NFP use donated funds to build a tower for Church to sell?
  • Were all necessary returns filed each year?  Were returns for  2011 and 2012 filed?
  • What were donors told about tower construction?  Resale?

Of further concern is the proposed sale of the radio station. 

1. Divine Word (NFP) holds the lease with the City of Pensacola.

2. The tower was built by Divine Word, were NFP funds used  for construction??

3.  Upon the sale of the radio station currently held by Divine Word (NFP) this separates them from the tower itself.  How is this legal?

4. Would this not negate the lease with the City of Pensacola??


Anonymous said...

Good call. The lease with the City of Pensacola is with Divine Word. Divine Word is being sold to Guadalupe Radio for 1.3 million dollars. Divine Word has failed to get City Council approval to transfer the lease to Guadalupe Radio. Goodbye tower.

Anonymous said...

Gene Church portrays himself as a "poor preacherman." He has used this excuse for years to get around not only city but also county regulations. To him, it is a game to see how many laws he can break.

CJ Lewis said...

On September 23, 2015, Gene Church formed a new Florida Limited Liability Company - Panhandle Towers, LLC. The Principal Address of the corporation is listed as 2 Portofino Drive, Suite 1704, Pensacola Beach, FL 32561. This condo is owned by Gene & Jeaniene Church. According to the Escambia County Property Appraiser's website, the mailing address for this condo is 14 West Gadsden Street, Pensacola, FL 32501, the same address used by Gene Church in his role as the Registered Agent for Panhandle Towers, LLC.

Gene Church said...

By the way, Guadalupe Radio is not buying Divine Word Radio, but some of our stations. I don't need Council approval to do so, since Divine Word Radio will continue to operate the tower.

No, I don't portray myself as a "poor preacher man" but I do love God, the Catholic Church, and Catholic Radio. When people post under "Anonymous", they often lack the guts to attack publicly, and favor defamation. And Maren, when you claim to moderate and approve the blog posts, you indicate your willingness to support defamation.

Yes, a formed a for-profit company with the intention of building a new radio tower in another city, CJ, for commercial stations. What exactly is your point?

I work 40 hours per week in a volunteer status, even if Maren lacks the capacity to visualize someone doing so. I have been blessed to have been involved in a business that has paid me enough to support my family and give me time to do so.

Sadly, this blog is filled with half truths and innuendos, largely posted by individuals who lack the actual knowledge of what they speak. Pity.