Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Council Wants to Party Baby!

Pensacola City Council is a joke!

They have shown no ability to act on anything.  What's their priority right now?

  • Food truck ordinance...Nope
  • The sale of the Hawkshaw property...Nope
  • Longhollow tower failures...Nope
  • Anti Discrimination ordinance...Nope
  • A completely ignored comprehensive plan...Nope
  • The fact that the Mayor hasn't appointed a Fire Chief in almost 6 years...Nope
  • The fact that the Mayor hasn't appointed an Airport Director in 2 years...Nope
Council just wants to P...A...R...T...Y!

At the 3:25 mark of the Council Communications section of the last Council meeting, President Terhaar states he is unilaterally moving the December 10 meeting to December 9 so Council can attend "the Admiral's Dinner"on the 10th.

Shouldn't Council vote on that?  The schedule was set by Council vote wasn't it?


If they want to attend the party, then they should skip the Council meeting they scheduled at the beginning of the year, and show the voters what their personal priorities are.

Then when they don't get reelected for neglecting their constituents, they won't have to worry about the Admiral's party because they won't be invited.


Anonymous said...

Can you really blame them?

The Mayor has convinced them they have no power.

The citizens have not demanded Council to reclaim their powers.

The citizens have not recalled the Mayor.

Council will keep playing until the citizens demand change or we have a new mayor.

Anonymous said...

Pensacola is in desperate need of leadership. I tried calling the City council office several mornings this week and it just rings. When will Pensacola allow food trucks? Government should never be this difficult.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Council. They're useless. They share 2 brain cells. Both belonging to Myers.

The rest are controlled by the hand model on the 7th floor.
It's almost as embarrassing as what's going on in D.C.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am very disappointed in our Council. We voted to increase their pay and give them the staff that wanted and said that the needed. Instead of getting a new and improved, empowered, focused, committed, Council, ready to dig in and make some progress in Pensacola, we've gotten the opposite. Apathy. They've reduced the number of meetings held which delays City progress on all issues, and haven't really done any work for the citizens. Three years over food trucks? Seriously, they should be ashamed. They won't tackle the little issues like food trucks, so it's hard to have any faith that they will ever tackle the big issues facing our community.

Anonymous said...

It is time to consolidate the governments.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to add to this article. But Maren did you see that the Mayor has been busy, no wonder no one sees him much. He's been making a new movie. Zoolander 2 is coming out!!!!!