Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thought for the Day

If Bohemian Rhapsody starts playing and the person you're with does not start singing along AND at least attempt the different voices, you really need to leave them alone.

You just don't need that kind of negativity in your life!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Congratulations President Bare!

Charles Bare was elected Council President today defeating Andy Terhaar in a runoff.  I sincerely hope that Charles will work with his supporting council members to restore the legislative branch to its rightful stature as a separate but equal branch of our City government.

Council was also clear in its vote that a President should only serve one consecutive term.

Outgoing President Terhaar is now free to resume his role as Grand Champion of the Royal Turkey Heads.

Andy, this picture is now the annual official kickoff of the Thanksgiving holiday for my blog!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving Andy and congratulations on completing your term.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Longhollow Tower Starting to Smell...Hayward was Involved. Church Knew He Couldn't Rebuild

In the October 27, 2011 email below, Gene Church emails Elisabeth Buswell, the Mayor's secretary, who is assisting Mr. Church with the Longhollow Tower PURCHASE.

What this email clearly shows:

  • Church believed he was going to be able to purchase the tower from the City.
  • Mayor Hayward was aware as Hayward arranged to have the property surveyed.
  • Church was aware he would be dealing with Bill Reynolds on the purchase
  • A sale price was to be developed.
  • Church understands the tower is a nonconforming use.
  • Church is aware that the Conservation zoning would not allow broadcast towers to be built.
  • The FCC will not allow the tower to be moved.
  • The current tower did not meet current hurricane and wind resistance standards.
  • He does not state a new tower would be built but merely "needed repairs and maintenance"
  • He had met with Hayward at least once as he states "with Mayor Hayward again"
  • What did the Boy Wonder promise Church and when?
  • Why is this a matter dealing with the Mayor, Mayor's secretary and the City Administrator?
  • How did the sale morph into a lease?
  • When did the "needed repairs and maintenance" turn into a new tower and why?
  • It appears Reynolds would have known about the Conservation zoning and restrictions based on Church being so forthcoming about it.  Why did the Mayor's staff not fully disclose all of this to Council?

This whole deal stinks like a City garbage can the day before our once a week collection!!

Church to Buswell on Page 3

Friday, November 20, 2015

Well That Didn't Take Long

In September, Mayoral flunkies Derek Cosson and Drew Buchanan started The Pulse.  Their stated mission included:

"Our mission is simple: to provide Pensacola and the Gulf Coast with a locally-owned, independent, un-coopted source for news, commentary, and more."

"The Pulse is your community destination for bold ideas and forward thinking that matters."

"We want to provide a news product which is better, more professional, and more ethical than anything else on the market."

"The Pulse is not going to be a gossip site. We go beyond the superficial to tell untold stories and to highlight issues relevant to the lives of real people in our community."

Cosson and Buchanan set off with nice photographs, interesting historical articles and tons of press releases.  Initial advertisers were only Buchanan's pedibus business and another business that shares the offices with The Pulse.  The ONLY present advertiser is Bob Kerrigan.

The Pulse is a stalwart supporter of all actions by the Mayor.

Well... we all knew that sooner of later, the inner Derek, the one that has come to overshadow all of the talent the boy has, would come out.

In a recent Dick's Blogesque "satire" piece, the Boy Wonder writing as "Dirk Scuttlebutt" issues an article entitled Mitchell: Food Trucks Signal End of Days

The article is printed below without edit...and is clearly the same type of shameful attacks as the former Dick's Blog.

Wilmer Mitchell has seen a lot in his days, but for the 109-year-old patriarch of the Seville Quarter empire, nothing compares to the danger presented by food trucks. “Stop the food trucks!” screeched Mitchell from his perch somewhere inside Rosie O’Grady’s. “The end is nigh! The floodgates hath been unleashed!” Mitchell is referring to the food trucks ordinance tentatively passed last month by Pensacola’s city council. Tomorrow night, the council is set to take a final vote on the issue, and Mitchell warns that destruction and damnation await us all if the ordinance is approved. “I can’t overstate what a post-apocalyptic hellscape downtown Pensacola will be if we let food trucks in here,” said Mitchell. “Thousands of food trucks will descend on our streets, taking every parking space for miles. Before long, every brick-and-mortar restaurant within fifty miles will shut its doors. And that’s when the food truck people will seize city hall and open up the re-education camps.”
Mitchell says that food trucks have been responsible for most of humanity’s lowest points, including the stock market crash of 1929 and Hurricane Katrina. “Multiple people report seeing food trucks near Dealey Plaza on the day Kennedy was shot,” Mitchell said. “Coincidence? I think not.”

Wilmer Mitchell is president of Seville Quarter. He didn’t actually say any of these things.

Derek Derek Derek.  You just can't help yourself.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sunshine Law Violation?

In my previous post, I referred to the Council Communication section of the last meeting where President Terhaar stated:

"and also, December meeting, because of a conflict, there's an Admirals dinner I think that night, that a lot of Council members, or at least I've been told its highly attended, so I'm going go to move our meeting in December from Thursday the 10th to Wednesday the 9th.

See 3:25 mark of Council Communications

On January 15, 2015, City Council voted 6-2 on the following:
"That City Council establish a schedule of one regular meeting per month on the dates set forth on the attached schedule..."


  • If Council had to vote on the meeting dates, by what authority can the Council President arbitrarily change the date without any discussion or vote of Council?
  • If a Council Member told the President their desire to change the date, and WHY they want the date changed and the date of meetings requires a vote of Council, it that not a sunshine law violation?
  • If a Council Member went to the Council Executive and asked the Council Executive to recommend a change to the Council's voted on dates, and transmitted the reason for the requested change, when the Council Executive expressed the reason for the request to the President, hasn't he violated the Sunshine law and acted as a conduit of information to the President from another member?
  • City Council rules and procedures expressly states The Council may reschedule or cancel the monthly meeting.
  • Who gave the Council President supreme authority to change dates?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Council Wants to Party Baby!

Pensacola City Council is a joke!

They have shown no ability to act on anything.  What's their priority right now?

  • Food truck ordinance...Nope
  • The sale of the Hawkshaw property...Nope
  • Longhollow tower failures...Nope
  • Anti Discrimination ordinance...Nope
  • A completely ignored comprehensive plan...Nope
  • The fact that the Mayor hasn't appointed a Fire Chief in almost 6 years...Nope
  • The fact that the Mayor hasn't appointed an Airport Director in 2 years...Nope
Council just wants to P...A...R...T...Y!

At the 3:25 mark of the Council Communications section of the last Council meeting, President Terhaar states he is unilaterally moving the December 10 meeting to December 9 so Council can attend "the Admiral's Dinner"on the 10th.

Shouldn't Council vote on that?  The schedule was set by Council vote wasn't it?


If they want to attend the party, then they should skip the Council meeting they scheduled at the beginning of the year, and show the voters what their personal priorities are.

Then when they don't get reelected for neglecting their constituents, they won't have to worry about the Admiral's party because they won't be invited.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mayor Hayward Backs McNesby for Sheriff

Redfish Harbors owners are Mayor Hayward, County Contractor Cody Rawson and Matt Pair.

From John Hill:
Big sign went up last week on Innerarity Road.
Yep, it is on the Redfish Harbor's site. Checking the current Financial Reports, there is already a lot of money contributed to McNesby and Morgan.…
Always interesting to see who is backing which candidate. Quite a few $1,000.00 donors. 5 candidates, but McNesby and Morgan are way ahead in contributions.
Ron McNesby has $43,895.00
David Morgan has $35,970.00

Outzen Nails It

In a clear and irrefutable manner, Rick Outzen points out that the City failed in it's process regarding disposal of surplus property surrounding the Long Hollow Radio tower.

How many ways did the City mess up or override processes in this matter?

  • Failure by the City to follow established policies
  • Failure of the City to require proper permitting and oversight
  • Failure of the City to notify residents
  • Failure of the City to require proper planning
  • Failure of the City to follow required zoning
  • Failure of the City to follow public records laws

Incompetence or deception?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Who's featured on Divine Word Radio Facebook?

Anyone shocked?

National show but DWR pimps the Mayor's buddy's March.  Coincidence?

Longhollow tower in Conservation District for Stormwater.
Who's on Northwest Florida Water Management District's Board?

NFWMD Mission Includes:
Flood Protection
Promoting flood protection through non-structural techniques. These methods include acquiring and maintaining floodplains, regulatory activities, and providing technical expertise to local governments and state and federal agencies for flood protection programs.

Look through the facebook for any other mention of that show.  Still looking?

Friday, November 13, 2015

Data Request of Mr. Gene Church

Mr. Church,

Thank you for stopping by Maren's Blog Dot Biz.  I appreciate you weighing in on the posts regarding your tower and I invite you to keep sharing your side of the issue at any time.

I am requesting the following documents from you pursuant to your statements and claims in your 2013 Form 990 return.

In that return you state in Section C Disclosure #18 that 990's are available upon request.

I am requesting:

  1. A copy of your 501(c)3 determination letter
  2. A copy of the DWC 2012 Form 990
  3. A copy of the DWC 2011 Form 990
  4. A Copy of the DWC 2010 Form 990 and
  5. Any tax filings made for years 2009, 2008 and 2007 
Additionally, Section C Disclosure #19 states : Describe in Schedule O whether (and if so, how) the organization made its governing documents, conflict of interest policy and financial statements available to the public during the tax year.

You answer that question in Schedule O as follows:

"Governing documents are made available to the public by request."

Therefore, I am requesting financial statements for 2015 back to 2009 as well as the Corporate By-Laws and conflict of interest policy.

Finally, you answer Part IV Item #2 in the affirmative that a Schedule of Contributors is required, yet the copy of the 990 I have does not contain that Schedule.

I am specifically requesting Schedule B for each year in the years 2010-2015.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

Please forward the documents to me at

I will also be mailing this request to the various addresses listed on your Form 990 to ensure receipt.


Maren DeWeese

Hey Bobblehead...It Doesn't Get Clearer Than This

Here we are again, seems almost like yesterday we were in the middle of a comprehensive plan discussion with little or NO comprehension from the City. Remember the Manna Food proposal for construction of their new facility on the old Escambia School District site?

Time to whip out the actual City of Pensacola Code:

Sec 12-1-6 Nonconforming Lots Structure and Uses

(D)Nonconforming uses of land and structures. Where a legal use of land exists that would not be permitted under the terms of this title, as enacted or amended, such use shall be declared a nonconforming use and may be continued subject to the following provisions:
Extension of nonconforming use. No such nonconforming use may be extended to occupy any greater area of land or extended to occupy any land outside any buildings on the same parcel.

Time to whip out some case law:

455 So.2d 642
District Court of Appeal of Florida,
Second District.
Elisa INNOCENTI, Appellee.
No. 83-2422.
Sept. 14, 1984.
Property owner denied building permit to add second story to his residence brought suit against city. The Circuit Court, Pinellas County, Allen C. Anderson, J., entered judgment granting relief requested, and city appealed. The District Court of Appeal, Lehan, J., held that where town's noncumulative zoning code prohibited an extension of an existing nonconforming use, owner of residence in area zoned commercial tourist facility was not entitled to add a second story to residence.

Reversed and remanded.

An extension of a nonconforming use, which the record shows would occur here if the second story were permitted, is not lawful. See Bixler v. Pierson, 188 So.2d 681 (Fla. 4th DCA 1966). As in Bixler, appellant's zoning code prohibits an extension of an existing nonconforming use.

If you peel back all the layers of why this tower is wrong, at the basis is the NON CONFORMING USE based on our comprehensive plan.

The Zoning is Conservation District.  That is it. It's just that simple!!

We have not one but two opinions from attorneys, one for DWR and the other our City Attorney.

Fleming Opinion


Both appear to be wrong!

So here we are again with a non conforming use being rebuilt.  THIS IS NOT ALLOWED.  There are no exceptions, there are no continuous use options, the old tower was torn down and NOTHING can be rebuilt. 

The statute is simple.

Only in Pensacola...Ridiculous!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Divine Word Tax Return

Do we have some tax issues with this not for profit?


  • 2013 filed in 2015?
  • No salaries for Church?  40 hours a week for no salary?
  • Where is tower construction in progress?
  • Did the NFP use donated funds to build a tower for Church to sell?
  • Were all necessary returns filed each year?  Were returns for  2011 and 2012 filed?
  • What were donors told about tower construction?  Resale?

Of further concern is the proposed sale of the radio station. 

1. Divine Word (NFP) holds the lease with the City of Pensacola.

2. The tower was built by Divine Word, were NFP funds used  for construction??

3.  Upon the sale of the radio station currently held by Divine Word (NFP) this separates them from the tower itself.  How is this legal?

4. Would this not negate the lease with the City of Pensacola??

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

More from Julius Spencer

Over the last weeks of January a citizen reached out to Councilman Spencer for clarification on the Longhollow Tower status. 

The following are comments made by Councilman Spencer:

Citizen:  So what Happened?? I thought they weren't going to issue a new permit.

BS: Convoluted long, long saga that resulted in the issuance last Thursday morning after I submitted my concerns as well as supplemented with my inquires with research by North Hill President about Long hollow drainage, conservation easement, etc.  I asked Bill Weeks to please confer with City Attorney and Mayor's office and research.  Compliance with NO variance requests needed for fall zone of 340' tower (not meters) + FCC + FAA approval all were secured.  I suggested citizens contact a storm water expert to weigh in on impact of not being able to remove island.  Council voted to allow this tower in August 2012.

Citizen:  on 1/23 after BS is informed that construction is beginning on Long hollow tower.

BS: No Way!!  permit was yanked.  Why are you doubting the legitimacy of our last conversation or what was communicated to me from the office of Building Dept ??  I have confirmed with Bldg Dept.  Director/Chief that NOTHING is happening with tower.  Your source of RUMOR is incorrect. 

Citizen:  Drove by today and tower is being built (Feb 1, 2015)

BS:  I know!!  It's about 180' right now.


Spencer knows a whole lot more about this mess than he wants to admit.  Also, Mr. Mayor, you are smack in the middle of this and it's yet another mess compliments of your hack team. 

The taxpaying citizens, that elected you, are in need of your leadership and once again you are absent from the conversation.


Who reviewed the fall zone information?

Where are the engineering plans submitted by Divine Word to the City?

Where is the legal review for zoning and conservation district information?

Why did the Mayor and Councilman Spencer allow work to continue after they became aware of unpermitted work being done?

Has Mayor Hayward cut a deal with Divine Word? 

Who communicated to Divine Word that no issues exist and gave the tower the green light?

Is unpermitted work WITHOUT inspections acceptable to FAA and FCC?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Julius Spencer has been pressured by the GOBs on the Longhollow Tower for a Long Time

Date: February 4, 2015

From: "Reid Rushing" <> 

To: "Brian Spencer" <> 
Subject:Divine Word Radio - Radio Tower

Brian, I just wanted to send you a message on my thoughts of the Radio Tower for Divine Word Radio. I have been working with Gene Church for the last few months trying to get everything in place on the insurance side to get this radio up and running. I know he has spent numerous months and money getting all of the proper approval from FAA, Airport, and City of Pensacola. He has gone through all of the correct channels to apply for and build this radio tower. He even had to get special approval from the Airport to build the 400’ Tower, which was granted. This tower is not only going to benefit the Catholic radio station, but it will also benefit other local stations that will be leasing space on this tower. I feel that he has followed all the correct processes and channels, so to slow or stop this tower from being built now is against everything we are in Pensacola. We honor our word, not only as business people, but also as elected officials.

I understand the water and drainage problem needs to be fixed, but this should have been addressed months ago while the beginning phases of the tower process was starting. Yes, this is unfortunate that the flooding and drainage problem needs to be addressed, I just don’t feel it should affect a business man that is investing in our community.

I would love to know more if you have conflicting information from what I have. I do know Gene Church has been a great person to work with over the past few months, and I hope to see this station finished in the near future.

Thanks Brian for your time!


The fact is undeniable that Spencer knew this was an issue since the beginning of 2015 and here we are in November and only after the PNJ got involved and blew up the story did Spencer lift any finger.

It will be fun to see Spencer waffle all over the place like a mullet thrown up on the dock!

Monday, November 9, 2015

George Biggs Does Right Thing When He Learns What Church was Doing

In this mess that is becoming the Longhollow Tower debacle, we are learning one local businessman wanted no part of Gene Church's shady dealings, George Biggs.

In the letter to Church below, Biggs makes it CRYSTAL CLEAR in February 2015 that everything Church was doing was unsatisfactory and illegal under the permits.

Biggs goes as far as:
  • quitting the project
  • disavowing all responsibility
  • and contacting the City to suspend the permit
Biggs also states that Church should notify:
  • vendors
  • the FCC 
  • the FAA and
  • all other entities
regarding the current status.  Evidently the City didn't really care.  Olson told the City to just keep pushing it through.

George Biggs...He did it right!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Hayward's Desire for Image Ruins Wedding...He Doesn't Care!

Of course, no one responded.  These folks NEVER get this back.  All for the Mayor's Cup tournament.  Mr. Mayor, you like to call yourself the CEO of the City.  CEO's are responsible to their customers and the quality of their offerings.  You obviously don't get that part.

From: Redacted
Sent: Friday, October 23, 2015 2:10 PM
To: Ashton Hayward; Andy Terhaar; Larry B. Johnson; P.C. Wu; Sherri Myers; Gerald Wingate; Brian Spencer; Jewel Cannada-Wynn; Charles Bare
Subject: Osceola Municipal golf course

Mr. Hayward,

I am reaching out to you again in regards to the email I sent you on 10/13/15. The email was about my wedding that took place at the osceola municpal golf course on 10/10/15. We were wronged for the sake of your vanity. At least that is what the golf course caterer and manager told us. They purposely destroyed our wedding area "to please the mayor." 


As previously stated, I have not received any reply or acknowledgement that you have decided to look into the matter. I felt it necessary to email the city council members as well. 

Thank you, 

This is the initial email I sent to you:
Mr. Hayward, 

We come to you with great concern in regards to the management of the Osceola Municipal Golf Course. My wife and I signed a contract with Fusion Grill, the in house caterer for the golf course, back in January to have our wedding ceremony and reception at the golf course. The event planner at the time, Amanda, informed us that if we used the in-house caterer we would receive a discount on the venue. We were also told that “they,” meaning the golf course and caterer hold their wedding ceremonies on the east side of the club house in between three oak trees. The day we signed the paperwork we agreed to use the in-house catering service to receive the discount on the venue and to be able to have our wedding ceremony in the designated area. This agreement, to the layman, would mean that the caterer and the golf course work as one entity. 

The day before our wedding, Friday 10/9/15, we along with our wedding party made it to the golf course at approximately 5pm for our walk-through rehearsal. We immediately noticed the golf course was holding a special event for the mayor on this day. As we approached the designated ceremony area our hearts sank. We were greeted by a 2 foot pile of dry/rotting pine straw that had been strewn across the entire wedding ceremony area. There was no way we could have a wedding ceremony in this pile of pine straw. It was unsightly, smelly, and full of bugs. We approached the new event planner about this and she informed us that “they,” meaning the caterer fusion grill, could not do anything about this because the golf course manages that area and they are two separate entities. Now, after they have taken our money, the caterer and golf course have become two different entities. We asked why this was done the day before our wedding and she told us that they had to cover up the dirt patches to impress the mayor so he did not have to stare at nasty patches of dirt. She told us that the golf course bends over backwards for the mayor to cater to his every beck and call. We asked if she could do anything about it or ask the golf course manager to do something about it. The golf course managers solution was to “irrigate and flatten,” the pine straw. Basically, he wanted to make a soupy mess of the pine straw for us to wade through on our wedding day. We asked if they could rake it out of the way the morning of our wedding and move it back afterwards. The golf course manager and event planner told us that we could move it and put it back if we wanted to but they would not be doing anything about it. The event planner then said to us “I mean you guys only paid $300 for the venue and they have a bigger event today so that outweighed your wedding.” However, we did not only pay $300 for the venue. The total price, after using the in house caterer, bordered around $2000. 

We only decided to have our ceremony at the golf course because of the designated ceremony area. We were initially told that it would look exactly the same as it did the day we signed the contract. Fusion grill as well as the golf course led us to believe that they could not, nor would not, do anything to help us find a solution to this issue as to not displease the mayor. We asked the event planner multiple times who the golf course manager’s supervisor was so we could contact a superior about the issue She told us that she did not have to give us that information because the golf course and fusion grill are two separate entities. We were literally left to our own devices to fix this issue less than 24 hours before our wedding. 

We bring this to your attention because we are concerned citizens of Escambia county/ Pensacola. We do not know if you knew about this or not. We do know that your event was used as the scapegoat to explain why we were dropped on our heads hours before our wedding. As tax paying citizens we do not appreciate how this situation was handled. It was very unprofessional and disrespectful. We were already experiencing incredibly high volumes of stress and this only added to it. The caterer and golf course manager were unwilling to reach a compromise or try to accommodate us. We had to rake out the pine straw 3 hours before our wedding into unsightly piles that will forever remain in our wedding pictures. A constant reminder of how we were wronged on such an important day of our lives. We asked about receiving a discount on our total bill or some sort of compensation for having to do this work ourselves and we were told no because it was not the caterers fault and that they are two separate entities. It seems like the golf course and the caterer are only two separate entities when anything goes wrong or requires any sort of accountability. 

In addition to this, we were forced to vacuum the inside of the building where we were holding the reception because the fusion employees working the bar that morning informed us that was the responsibility of the golf course not theirs. Also, in our contract we had paid for everyone to have free soft drinks. It was brought to my attention, in the midst of our reception, that fusion was in fact charging people for sodas. We then contacted fusion employee mike about this. He claimed to have forgot that was in our contract. It is amazing to us how up to date he was on the contract when we needed help but when it came to taking our money he wasn’t so knowledgeable about it. It may be in the city’s best interest to rewrite their agreement with fusion or find a whole new caterer. We will never use this facility again and will do what we can to inform people how we were treated on such an important day. We will also be sending this letter to members of the city council as well as the parks and rec division and to the Escambia county commissioners. We do expect the mayor to look into this issue and to follow up with us.  

Thank you, 

Thursday, November 5, 2015


When the Mayor unilaterally seized the lease for the airport concessions from Council, his reason was that the OHM lease he supported over a Citizen driven recommendation was that OHM was going to pay off in increased revenues to the airport.

Well, buried deep on page 272 of the 461 pages of supporting material for the Council Agenda Conference is a supplemental budget appropriation that Tricky Dick Barker slides through every year to make the year end numbers in each fund agree to what he wants them to be using such descriptions as

"Increase estimated revenue from miscellaneous revenue"   How clear and transparent is that?

Well, in the airport section is the line item:

"Decrease in estimated revenue from restaurant and lounge"       $255,185

Therefore, it is clear that OHM has provided the Airport with over a quarter of a million dollars LESS in revenue than expected by the Mayor in HIS 2014- 2015 budget.

Congratulations!  But Chick Fil A's taste good...except on Sundays.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Longhollow Tower Heats Up

For months, the Longhollow radio tower owned by one of the Mayor's supporters has been brewing just below the surface at City Hall.
  • It was the subject that prompted Eric Olson to target Melanie Nichols with her supervisors.
  • It has been a topic Brian Spencer has tried to dance around with supporters on both sides
  • Many concerned citizens have been researching public records on what actually happened
  • Will Isern has waded in with a "placekeeper" story in today's PNJ where he essentially ends it by saying "I haven't finished looking at the issue for an upcoming story but you heard it in the PNJ first"

Councilman Spencer has added an agenda item on the subject requesting that council and staff review what has occurred with the tower and the possibility the lease can be cancelled and/or the tower taken down.

The issue may be...should the lease have been entered into in 2012 since this is a conservation area?

Someone's head at City Hall may be on the block for this one!

So much more to come.

Let the festivities begin!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

City Attorney Job Classification...Perception vs Reality

At the link below is the job description of the City Attorney, the highest paid employee of the City of Pensacola with a salary of $154,980.80 (yes, and 80 cents)

City Attorney Job Description

Lets look at some of the items listed as responsibilities and how the Bobblehead is doing.

  • Provides competent legal representation to the City in ALL internal and external matters.
  • Directing ALL legal aspects of the City's day to day operations including...litigation, contract negotiation...employment matters.
  • Negotiates, reviews and/or prepares documents including...contracts...real estate...litigation documents
  • Recommends the use of outside attorneys for specialized matters
  • Draft and/or reviews...contracts, leases
  • Plans legal strategy in litigation matters, represents the City in litigation, defends the interests of the city and its officers before courts, prepares pleadings, discovery documents, motions and briefs
If the Bobblehead was doing the above, why has the City allegedly spent over $2 million on attorneys?

Remember folks, the City's legal department includes:
  • the Bobblehead at $154, 980.80 (yes, and 80 cents), 
  • Rusty Wells at over $100,000 per year, 
  • the Public Records dude that Bowling brought with her from Texas (what's up with that?) at $65,000
  • Stephanie Tillery at $100,000
  • and a paralegal who makes $65,000
Add bene's at 25% and we are paying over $600,000 per year of INTERNAL compensation and benefits for City legal and allegedly still outsourcing over $2,000,000.

Total legal costs over $2,600,000 for a City of just over 50,000 people?

Now lets look at what the Bobblehead has led since arriving:
  • Studer lease review...nope, Beggs & Lane
  • Merrill/Russenberger litigation...nope, Kerrigan and Beggs & Lane
  • Bill Reynolds case...nope, Allen Norton & Blue
I do see where she is nugging out some mortgage foreclosure matters where the City has an interest.

That's big value for $154, 980.80 (yes, and 80 cents)

Monday, November 2, 2015

What does the City Attorney Do?

When the City gets sued, the Mayor calls Beggs & Lane.
When the Mayor is under criminal investigation, the Mayor calls Beggs & Lane.
When the City has employment issues, the Mayor calls Allen Norton & Blue.
When the City has ethics issues, the Mayor calls Allen Norton & Blue
When the City has Charter issues, the Mayor calls Beggs & Lane AND Allen Norton & Blue

Now, on October 15, 2015 the City entered into a contract with Smith and Associates of Tallahassee to represent the City in Purchasing and Contract Matters at the following hourly rates:
  • Shareholder   $ 350.00
  • Associates     $ 275.00
  • Paralegals     $ 125.00
So lets summarize:
  • Lawsuits...Nope
  • Investigations...Nope
  • Employment...Nope
  • Ethics...Nope
  • Charter...Nope
  • Purchasing...Nope
  • Contracts...Nope
What the heck does the City BobbleHead Attorney do for over $150,000 per year?