Thursday, October 8, 2015

To the Anonymous Poster

Anonymous Post:

"You cannot hide behind being a woman. Fact is that you did NOT report correct information and made accusations based on incomplete, incorrect and fictitious information. Now you are trying to play the injured person. Get it right or suffer the consequences. Doesn't matter if you are male or female. You should be ashamed."

Dear Anonymous, my name is on the hiding here.  Mr. Levin said what he said.

Please share just what part of the documentation provided is incomplete, incorrect or fictitious.

Did Mr. Levin attempt to "persuade" the Fire Marshal to classify the Special Amusement Building as an education facility?

As much as it must pain you to hear...there are no injuries to me.  Just chuckles.

What consequences do you expect I should suffer?  Parakeets on the porch? Is Pope on the way?

Believe me there is no shame here...just the truth and documents to support.

Let me be clear, I support youth sports!  I support the Not for Profit that would have benefited. What I do not support are company's that KNOW they need Fire Marshal approval and do not follow the proper procedure nor community leaders that attempt to "persuade" people charged with protecting Citizens to look the other way for them because of who they are.

It's always no big deal until something happens.

"The fire killed eight teen-agers on May 11, 1984. Great Adventure Inc. and its parent company, the Six Flags Corporation of Chicago, are on trial on charges of aggravated manslaughter. The state contends they were ''reckless'' in not taking adequate precautions against fire. There were no fire or smoke alarms or sprinklers."

I once again ask the question:

How many thousands of times has Levin Papantonio sued folks for not following rules and regulations and cutting corners that resulted in injury or death?


Anonymous said...

Hiding behind being a woman? Who says stuff like that anymore?

Seriously, what are we back in 1960?

Melanie Nichols said...

"Hiding behind being a woman"? Maren's name is on her blog. The commenter isn't brave. He's hiding behind an anonymous posting. The writing style and commentary remind me of Kerrigan's writing about someone "losing her girl protection", which was an equally misogynistic comment. I'll tell you what IS brave in this town, doing the right thing (Pensacola Fire Department), standing up for your rights to real transparency in our government (Maren), standing up for your friends and neighbors, and most importantly, standing up against those who would put children in harm's way just so they could USE them as volunteers to clean up the property that THEY let fall into disrepair just to save money. If this is truly about getting children needed baseball gloves and sports equipment, then Fred should write the check as a donation for all the work the kids did to clean up and repair his building.