Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Smoke and Mirrors Hayward Style

It has all been staged and will continue to be staged until the plan is in place.  Let me show you the trail.

Bob McLaughlin discusses coming on board the City as an Asst City Administrator for Operations and Facilities.  He sends Olson his resume but does not apply for the Asst City Administrator role.


His resume even says the position he wants...Operations and Facilities

McLaughlin Resume

I bust the City Administrator in cooking an inside deal with McLaughlin prior to the job openings even being announced.

The City needs McLaughlin on the dangle for the job so Hayward and Olson cook up a contract role investigating ADA compliance for the City.  The contract runs for just enough time.


This contract even though Bob has been sued in the past for failure to comply with ADA.


So fast forward a month.  The City has posted two roles and received resumes.  What does spokesman Vernon Stewart say to the press?

"Two assistant city administrator positions — one for daily administration and one for policy — had been advertised, but Stewart said the city will hire just one assistant administrator before determining whether a second will be necessary.

“We will onboard them then reassess our needs and make further decisions from there if we still wish to hire a second (assistant city administrator),” Stewart wrote in an email."


The shortlist includes Keith Wilkins who apparently was in Eric Olson's wedding??

Former COO Tamara Fountain is quoted on Facebook saying:

"Tamara Fountain Keith has the job if he wants it. He had it before the national search was kicked off. They have to put on a show now to avoid criticism. Keith is a friend of the Mayor and very close friends with the City Administrator. Keith was in Eric's wedding. They go back that far. I do have to say, I have heard very good things about Keith. I really liked him the few times I met him."

Insider deal number 1 is cooked.  Keith Wilkins!

What do you want to bet that after a "contractual period" the City determines it needs to fill the role of Asst City Administrator for Operations and Facilities and the decision is McLaughlin.

This is how stuff is cooked in the Underside of the Upside!!

Anyone want to take a bet that the new stormwater pond at the airport becomes classified by the City as a "Catfish Pond" in the future!!

Wilkins loves catfish ponds!


Anonymous said...

Keith Wilkins has looked the other way ignoring existing regulations and letting landfills, borrow pits, and catfish ponds operate illegally to the detriment of the health, safe, and property values of Escambia County taxpayers. Now, thanks to him looking the other way for the Mayor's friends, the taxpayers will have to pay millions to clean up the mess developers made. There were over 60 facilities operating in the County WITHOUT permits thanks to Keith looking the other way. Complaints from adjacent neighborhoods were ignored for decades. I couldn't think of a worst choice to be our Assistant City Administrator. Why did the PNJ publish the educational degrees and backgrounds of the other candidates, yet none for Keith Wilkins except his has LIVED here since 1968?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the catfish pond thing? What is that about?

cueJustice said...

Last Friday, Thompson Bayou caught fire. It had been closed for two weeks prior because of bacteria. I askrd the county commission during public forum about the fire and the black smoke towering above the trees. I have followed up with 5 emails asking the same question to Keith, Shawn Hamilton of the DEP and Jack Brown. Still, we have no answers of what was on fire and what the students, faculty and staff may have been exposed too.
Just saying… the health of ALL of Escambia residents are impacted one way or another by ignoring any environmental issue — big or what may appear as small — we are all in this dirty little situation together.
Change needs to be in the air, no pun attended, as Einstein said, sorta — if you keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results… well that’s just crazy.

Anonymous said...

Wilkins is the worst choice possible given his lack of oversight of all the landfills, borrow pits, and catfish ponds that sprung up while he was in charge, or rather, looking the other way. His mistakes will cost us millions in clean up and lawsuits from the residents. The City has enough problems without adding more incompetence to the mix. I thought the whole reason we went to a fully funded Mayor's position was because he was running the City versus a ceremonial Mayor and a City Manager? We will be paying four premium salaries for what we paid two people for decades. How is this helping us? Maren has shown us through public records requests that the Mayor and current city administrator do very little of any city business. Why do they need another high paid salary? And if they really need one, why are we hiring someone about to be fired from the County instead of hiring someone with a proven track record?

Anonymous said...

Maren, I commend you for your passion about our community, but to quote the former coo is somewhat reckless. She claimed to have a master's degree on numerous occasions. I remember being at a PYP meeting and she stated she had a master's degree. She does not! She is dishonest and has no credibility.