Thursday, October 29, 2015

Is the Mayor Participating in Redfish Harbor?

Mayor Hayward is a partner in Redfish Harbor, along with City contractor Cody Rawson and recurring business partner Matt Pair.  The LLC owns property on Innerarity Point Rd in Perdido.

Redfish has been a financial disaster for a number of years after the Mayor and Pair sucked some serious cash out of the sale and refinance of the property in 2005.  Since then Redfish Harbor has had:
Well, the future is looking up and Hayward doesn't have to lift a finger to make some dollar bills.

Matt Pair who was business partners "with the Mayor's wife An" in another investment, 349 LLC, which bought Hallmark Elementary, has printed up some pretty pictures and listed the lots for sale for $60,000 each.

81 lots at $60,000 each is $4,860,000 not even considering the extra for the waterfront lots.

County records indicate the project is moving forward.  I'm sure Cody Rawson's company will do the roads and infrastructure.  Matt Pair will do the sales.

The Mayor just cashes checks baby!!

So what does it look like on the seventh floor of City Hall??


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the way the Mayor has led his entire life. Doing nothing and getting paid. Must be nice to have been born halfway between third base and home and scoring on a passed ball.

Anonymous said...

"Money for nothing and your chicks are free!"

MTV is still broadcasting from the 7th floor.....