Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hawkshaw/CMP...Back up and Look at This Reality

The recent rantings of Big Stuff and my analysis of the Hawkshaw deal have made me sit back and assess the two projects.

I am left with the following questions and thoughts:

  • Isn't is interesting that 2 sitting CMPA Trustees thought the Hawkshaw property was worth putting a $20,000 deposit down and proposing on but neither believe enough in the project they manage for the CMPA to leave the Board and do a project at the CMP?
  • Both of those CMPA Trustees would be classified as astute developers, but what has either done to make the CMPA offerings more attractive?
  • The CMPA chairman is doing more to run developers off with his obsession with sticking it to potential investors through CAM fees.  Soon he will propose charging CAM fees prospectively to anyone who inquires about the site.
  • If Big Stuff believes the CMPA/City Council relationship is dysfunctional, why doesn't he LEAD the community and propose City Council take over the CMPA?  Dysfunction solved!
  • The reason Big Stuff won't is his role gives him POWER with the Mayor and Council.  
  • Does the fact that 2 Trustees proposed on Hawkshaw but not at the CMP make a bold statement that:
    • The CMP is too expensive?
    • or was Hawkshaw too cheap?
  • Trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to their assigned project, yet both proposed developments at Hawkshaw exactly like what was desired for CMP?
  • Showing up for meetings prescripted by Big Stuff is not leading an organization.
  • What has any individual Trustee done to bring events to the CMP?
  • What has any individual Trustee done to use contacts to bring development to the CMP?
  • If I am missing some monumental effort by a Trustee, please let me know so I can correct it and quickly apologize.
Council, it is time to thank the current Trustees for their service, replace the CMPA Trustees and either appoint yourselves or have a direct appointment that serves at your pleasure like the SRIA.

Stop letting foxes guard the hen house! 

And as for our Econonic Development Mayor.  He occasionally sits at his desk on the seventh floor looking over a $50 million dollar development site all the while spending his time on the presales for Redfish Harbor and the sale of Hallmark Elementary.

Hayward has a $50 million case of ADD.

Only in Pensacola.


Anonymous said...

No developer in his right mind would touch the CMP with a ten-foot pole. Would you? There are many reasons why the CMP is a failure. Here are some of them.

1. The property was never designed with real estate development as its goal. It was designed to cater to a BASEBALL STADIUM.

2. The politicized structure of the CMP’s operation would be enough to chase anyone off. Putting the city council in charge would at least assign the blame where it belongs. However, it would not change a notorious political quagmire. Real estate development works when it is a private business, not as a government agency.

3. The Hawkshaw project was geared toward residential use, which is probably the most viable market in Pensacola. The CMP was never geared towards ANY viable market. The big “C” word has been demonized so much in Pensacola that it will never happen on that site. The six-story office buildings shown in the Fantasy Rendering were just that – fantasies.

4. Please list the developments that you think would work at the CMP as it now exists. I can think of a few, but none of them match the grandiose developments shown on the Fantasy Rendering. And THAT may be the greatest obstacle to getting the property leased. The project was OVERSOLD to the public to garner votes. In other words, the public was told a pack of lies! It is very difficult now to undo those lies.

Anonymous said...

Fat-Drunk-Has been-Stuff needs to go home. No one elected him is right. What on earth has he developed in the last ten years? Nothing. He owns a bunch of Section 8 houses and plays slumlord for a living. What an embarrassment to our City.

Mark Clabaugh said...

This Park ended EXACTLY as I told you it would when you were on the Council. As you know, I was steadfast against it. In fact, once your husband even wrote to assure me about how great this deal was for Pensacola. Now, it seems that Chucky and Dunno were not jokes as park supporters portrayed them in their comic videos, they were actually profits fortune telling the future for the park.

Over and over I said that the CMP would be a Baseball Stadium and offices and that it was not viable. More so, I said that it would end up costing the City 100's of thousands of dollars. I also mathematically predicted that the CRA would not be able to afford the debt service and as predicted the CRA has shifted $322,000 of their budget to the General Fund which is another little backdoor subsidy that will amount to over 9 MILLION dollars over the next 30 years unless assimilated back into the CRA before then.

This non-sense that is going on now is just another sad chapter in a novel of bad dealings from start to finish, in fact starting from the Master Lease Agreement. I cannot even imagine how disappointed you must feel because I know you believed in this park deeply and it must trouble you to see what has become.