Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hawkshaw (Who Got to Spencer?)

Yesterday I discussed the connection between John Peacock and the highest ranked proposer and the following questions were asked:

Who else has ties into this process?
What happened between oral presentations and the CRA meeting?
Were there other motives at play in telling ITEX NO?

Councilman Spencer killed the latest deal in a spectacular fashion, blind siding the proposers, his fellow CRA members and the public as well.

Was he pressured by Aragon homeowners?
Was he lobbied by other proposers that were also campaign contributors?

Let's look at who donated to Spencer's campaign in 2014 and see if the interests of his donors may have had a hand in his decision that "more public input would clarify the desired outcome" for a vacant lot!

Donors AND Proposers for Hawkshaw

202/17/2014Robert Montgomery
657 E. Romana Street
Pensacola, FL 32502
North Palafox Plaza, Inc.

120 E. Main Street
Suite A
Pensacola, FL 32502-6096
BusinessRealEstate HoldingCoCheck$500.00
Granger Development & Brokerag

1101 North 9th Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32501
BusinessRealEstate DevelopmentCheck$500.00
22610/30/2014Ensley Shopping Center
120 E. Main Street
Suite A
Pensacola, FL 32502-6096
BusinessRetailShopping CenterCheck$500.00
22810/30/2014Eric J Nickelsen
120 E. Main Street
Pensacola, FL 32502
IndividualRealEstate DevelopmentCheck$500.00

The list above is only the developers involved in the process that donated to Spencer.  Many Aragon owners are also donors.


Remember, Brian Spencer raised $71,228 for a part time job that pays $14,000 per year.

He raised more than he will earn in all four years of his term combined?

Sooner or later, someone has to ask why?  For a City Council seat?

Do you think Spencer blind sided everyone to make SOMEONE happy?


Mark Taylor said...

Connecting dots are always interesting in this town Maren. Ricksblog is reporting the retirement community that ITEX is doing at the old Hallmark school. What timing... Mr. Spencer gets the Hawkshaw bids thrown out in August. In September ITEX puts in a grant to BOCC for the Hallmark property. Then in October a new entity is formed for the old school property. I'm typically not one for "conspiracy" but could killing the Hawkshaw deal help ITEX financially to be able to focus on the Hallmark deal that benefits a number of locals including our Mayor? Maybe they could only do one project at a time and preferred Hallmark? Who knows... time will tell.

Anonymous said...

North Palafox Plaza Inc. = James Marks and Neal Nash.

Yes, it is certainly clear that Spencer screwed the citizens of Pensacola. His motivations, however, are unclear at this time. Was he helping one of his campaign contributors (Granger Development, perhaps) get the land? Or, was he helping ITEX pull out of the project? Or BOTH? All of the proposers for the Hawkshaw property were required to put up a $20,000 deposit which was non-refundable if they were selected. Therefore, if ITEX had been selected and then backed out of the project they would have lost $20,000. However, if all bids were rejected no one would have lost their $20,000.

Spencer (and his sister) are out for themselves. PERIOD! Spencer has screwed his competitors in this town right and left. He is VERY obligated to John Peacock because Peacock took over the mortgage on Spencer's failed real estate project on Baylen Street.