Monday, October 5, 2015

Fred Levin asks City to Waive State Law

As previously posted, a local not for profit partnered with a for profit promoter to construct a haunted house in the old Hallmark Elementary School owned by 349 LLC who has as one of its partners local attorney Fred Levin.

No City permissions or inspections were requested by the promoter prior to construction and when the Fire Marshal was contacted by City Code Enforcement regarding the haunted house, the Fire Marshal denied the haunted house promoters permission to use the building for the haunted house due to the lack of the required automatic sprinkler system among many other things.

Owner and attorney Fred Levin wrote a letter to the City Fire Marshal, ON FIRM LETTERHEAD, stating:

"The committee was notified by you on September 11, 2015 that since the occupancy has changed from education to entertainment, there must be the installation of an automatic fire sprinkler system. The purpose of this letter is to ask that you consider the occupancy as education and/or waive that provision."



  1. Were all of the necessary permits pulled by the owners of the building for all the work done by the volunteers as detailed in the NFP letter?
  2. Is the Fire Marshal being asked to fraudulently classify a building?
  3. Is the fact that 200 little girls are selling tickets a consideration for the Fire Marshal in assessing safety and fire code?
  4. Has Mr. Levin taken advantage of the not for profit to do free labor on his building?
  5. Can the type of charities benefiting determine the type of building classification?
  6. If a fire occurred and the Fire Marshal waived compliance is the City exposed to lawsuits from Levin Papantonio or other lawyers?  LP sued the City in the Steen case.
  7. Is it the policy of the Levin Papantonio law firm to encourage government officials to BREAK THE LAW?
and most interesting

How many thousands of times has Levin Papantonio sued folks for not following rules and regulations and cutting corners that resulted in injury or death?

This is a twisted hot mess!!  More later.


Anonymous said...

WOW... they knew the code enforcement meeting was this week.

Anonymous said...

OMG, how could they be so rotten to those kids, when they knew the code enforcement meeting was already scheduled. They knew the public was upset about the violations. Did they think that using these kids like that, the Fire Marshall would look the other way? Heartless bastards!

Anonymous said...

The laws do not apply to Uncle Freddie because nobody in this town, especially the state DA, has the balls to prosecute him. If anyone else, not Rat-pack GOB connected, was to have been caught doing un-permited work it would result in fines and possible jail time. Uncle Freddie will be left alone. The most that will happen is someone will claim Maren needs to get a life and call her some nasty names.

Anonymous said...

Levin's law firm and his other partners should be ashamed at all this criminal behavior going on, and on company letterhead from their firm. Does the firm own the building? Fred writes in his letter that BLAB-TV now owns it (which is also owned by Fred), so why doesn't he use the BLAB letterhead, or why doesn't he use his personal letterhead if this is a personal investment that he owns. He uses his company letterhead to bully and throw his weight around. I'm glad that the Fire Department did their jobs and shut this illegal operation down so that no one was injured. With thousands of people going through that haunted house, built by children volunteers, and not by licensed contractors, in a rush, there's no telling what actual real dangers were in store for their patrons. You better believe that Fred Levin wouldn't be rushing in to pay their medical bills.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen step right in. Welcome to Hayward's House of Horror's.

Bring your kids! Watch them burn, baby burn!
Figure out which screams are real! Make this a Halloween one they'll never forget!

Time: Eternity
Date: October 31st
Cost: Perhaps a life or two

Brought to you by Fred G. Levin

Anonymous said...

Ashton Hayward has been hostile towards the PFD since he took office.

I believe the Fire Marshall is doing his job to the letter of the law.

I hope they get fined performing un-permitted work tonight at the code violation hearing.

Anonymous said...

The Coast Guard Cutter Cyprus has sprinklers and a fire party standing by.....just saying!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the CYPRESS is not welcome to City Port Property anymore thanks to the 7th floor.

Anonymous said...

The letter says Blab TV Inc. owns that building? Who owns Blab TV Inc.?

Melanie Nichols said...

Fred Levin owns Blab TV? And Fred Levin is a partner owner with Ashton Hayward of Hallmark School? Well that information explains why he was on Blab-TV defending the Mayor and Eric Olson in their baseless attack on me, saying that "I" had used government letterhead to communicate with City Hall about a personal issue. I never did and Fred Levin never produced one shred of evidence to support that 'so-called' interview he gave on BLAB-TV. It's really sad when a town as small as this one is so filled with such nonsense. Thank you Maren for exposing these behind-the-scenes puppet masters. Thank you Pensacola Fire Department for doing what's right for the safety of the public. No child's life should be put at risk so that the Mayor and Fred Levin can get their building cleaned up and repaired for free. P.S. I wish the City would let the Coast Guard come back to the Port with their haunted ship. That was a huge food drive effort for the community just before the Thanksgiving Holiday when Manna needs food the most.

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to understand the "RBI" and "Pensacola Training Academy" 501c3 Non-profit status, and the relationship with "Fear City Nights, LLC". It's a little bit confusing as usually 501c3 reporting would allow anyone to understand the financials that the non-profit is operating under, and to understand what kind of money we're talking about here. I've googled it a bunch of different ways and can't find anything.

Anonymous said...

Fred Vigodsky, one of the pseudo-partners in the Hallmark property, is the president of BLAB-TV. I say "pseudo-partner" because I am quite sure that no one except Fred Levin invested one nickel into the property. The other partners were just along for the ride. Hayward has been "given" partnerships in properties before, without investing his own money, as a semi-legal way of buying his influence. In return, Fred Levin was given a massive fee to handle the city's BP settlement.

According to the News Journal, in 2014 "(Quint) Studer also purchased a portion of local access TV station BLAB-TV with framework in the contract to buy the entire station." So if Levin is telling the truth (always doubtful) and BLAB-TV owns the property then Quint Studer owns the property. There is a real possibility that Studer does own the property or may soon own the property. To whom else in this town can these fools unload that dilapidated school for $2 million? The News Journal is reporting that the school will soon be torn down to make way for apartments. Does that sound like a familiar scenario? Isn't that what Studer did with the News Journal building?

Folks, we are getting an insight into that incestuous cesspool known as the Pensacola Good Ole Boy Network.