Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Expletive Deleted...Fred Levin shows his true colors

Interesting article by Will Isern in the PNJ today about the Hallmark School.

Link to PNJ Article

When I read it the first thing I thought was if a man had researched the issue, found the letter, saw the attempt by Levin to strong arm the Fire Marshal and printed the story, it would have been touted as a "great investigative piece" and that the writer was tough, didn't fold to the all powerful Fred Levin and had no sacred cows.

But since I'm a woman, I'm just a Expletive Deleted.  How sexist!  Fred Levin has been exposed by his own words.

And because Levin's firm retained the firm my husband formerly worked for to do accounting work for his client's BP claims in 2010, I somehow should just look the other way when he misbehaves in 2015. Really?

Check back later for what questions Mr. Levin now raises based on his statements.


Anonymous said...

Last month he compared the Mayor to a rape victim. Now he calls a female "Expletive Deleted." I hear the word he used is a derogatory term for a woman. I also hear he asked them to actually print the word he used. How could any woman ever use that firm to represent her when it's founding partner is so publicly a misogynist?

Anonymous said...

Uncle Freddie has a track record of trying to circumvent the law to his benefit. If I remember correctly he was reprimanded by the Florida Bar once. He was never implicated for the Gambling Scheme he was financing but after his fall guy Dean Baird got out of jail his residence was Fred's house.


Anonymous said...

Fred expects husbands to keep their wives in line. What a misogynistic jerk.