Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Big Stuff Has Lost His Mind

The CMPA Operations and Audit Committee is a Committee appointed entirely by the Chairman, James J. Reeves Esquire.  The Committee meets on days prior to the CMPA meeting and is essentially used to position items for presentation to the CMPA Board and set the stage for the meeting of the full membership.

At the October 19, 2015 meeting of the Ops and Audit Committee, the Chairman and fellow committee members begin a discussion regarding structuring board members when Chairman Reeves states about Councilmember Sherri Myers:

"I always found that its always good to have whoever your adversary is go to the bathroom inside the tent rather than outside the tent."

"She's (Myers) queer to get on the Board.  Shes been on it before. Let's put her on there."

"Look, two days of her (Myers) is like two days of hell"

Old Business 29 Minute Mark

The lack of respect Mr. Reeves shows a sitting member of City Council who has the responsibility of oversight of that Board in front of other Trustees and the public is inexcusable.

It is the Chairman's responsibility to foster BETTER relationships with oversight bodies not feed the discourse.

It's time for Big Stuff to go...City Council remove him for cause.


Anonymous said...

Outrageous! This is how he speaks of a City Council member when he knows that this meeting is being recorded for Public Records? He needs to be removed from this appointed position. He does not represent this City and is an embarrassment to this board and our whole community.

Anonymous said...

The tab has finally pickled his brain. I am still laughing over the great headline.

cueJustice said...

Horrible! The "leaders" of this city and county are so embarrassing and so unethical. And the just don't care.

Anonymous said...

Such disrespect for a council member that voters elected. Who elected Big Stuff?!

Anonymous said...

The idea that Pensacola’s City Council is somehow above ridicule, particularly in light of their behavior and performance over this past year or so, is rich. Ms. Myers, while flouting her “for the people” and “the FBI has a file on me” monologues while she rails on about whatever comes to her head gets really old.

A great example is what she did to the citizens of East Pensacola Heights by siding with two new property holders against nearly an entire neighborhood, citing her love for “pollinators and butterflies” over the interests of dozens of inland property holders. Her recent dressing down of residents opposed to the Manna Warehouse by admonishing them for their critique of the low cost apartments in their community continued to display her ability to talk out of both sides of her mouth.

Her seeming need to personalize every single agenda item and string together syllables and words without any specific intent other than to make it clear that she is going to use “her time” babbling is, I’m sure, why she would seem like poison on any committee.

And we ask, why can’t this City Council get anything done? All of the jabbering, of which Ms. Myers is a prime offender. At least Johnson, Spencer and Terharr are openly slippery. While Wu and Myers feign deliberation, wringing their hands as though they are working through problems in front of us as citizens, they eventually parallel park their wagons along with the rest of them most of the time, able to say they were against it before they were for it – or some other variation.

Frankly, we need a few more cranky old S.O.B.’s who tell it like they see it and get some stuff done. And if I had to choose, I’d pick anyone but Myers to serve on a committee that I had to sit through and endure.