Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Dynamic Duo of Hayward Henchmen Go Online

The Dynamic Duo of Derek Cosson and Drew Buchanan are in business together...again.

After the Campfire failure and the loss of the directed contract by the Mayor to be his mouthpiece, Cosson needs something to do.

22 hours ago

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Anonymous said...

Takes a bunch of time to create a website like that. Guess Derrick had plenty of time the last 6 months working only half days for the same wages to spend time developing yet his latest adventure in business in Pensacola.

Anonymous said...

So now the Mayor and his henchmen have their own News Media Site.

Anonymous said...

Bert & Ernie, Thelma & Louise, Ike & Tina....these are dynamic duos. Trailblazers in their own right.
Derek & Drew are nothing but 2 used car salesmen and a nasty, worn out blue sweater vest. I wonder which of the Mayors friends bought this LLC for these 2 nitwits. We know it wasn't Tamara Fountains husband this time. I hear she's been baking cookies like a mad women since her firing, um I mean resignation. According to the documents, the mailing address is 700 N. Guillemard St. which is owned by Gulfside Resorts. Gulfside Resorts Inc. is owned by Jim Reeves, the mayors attorney and friend who screwed the pooch on the Studer lease. *YAWN* H. Bart Fleet is the registered agent who is also an attorney in FWB. So is it possible to do a public records request on the Mayors phone call during the whole Eric Olsongate time frame?

(Ringing of phone)
"Jim Reeves office"
"Jimmmaay! I got boo boo!"
"Ashtie, calm down! Use your big boy words."
(Uncontrollable sobbing on the other line)
"Wahhhhhh wahhhhhhhhh! She mean lady! Waaaahhhhhh!
"Use your big boy words Goddamit!!"
(Wipes snot from nose with $100 Balmain handkerchief)
"Maren lady hurt fweelings. She bad lady. Know everybody know. PNJ bad too"
"Calm down Ashtie, it's ok. We'll fix it. Go back to your coloring. Paint me a blue Wahoo".