Thursday, September 3, 2015

Slum and Blight Courtesy of Levin, Vigodsky and Mayor Hayward

As I have detailed before, the Mayor is partners with Fred Levin and Fred Vigodsky in 349 LLC, a company set up to develop Hallmark Elementary into an assisted living facility.


The Mayor's real estate Company brokered the deal according to the School Board contract and received a 2.5% commission on the deal, $25,000.

See Pair & Hayward on Page 4 and 5

Matt Pair, the Mayor's former business partner was listed as the LLC Manager but was replaced last year by Vigodsky. So Matt Pair appears to be out.

Levin, whose law firm is a contractor to the City selected in a no bid contract awarded by Hayward in the "Deal of the Century" for BP and whose law firm just earned almost a million dollars in the settlement, put up all the money for the purchase and holds the mortgage.

Months ago, it appears the ALF plan was scrapped as the building is up for sale listed by the Mayor's first cousin, Harry Bell.

Well, while the Mayor talks about removing slum and blight, and talks about his neighborhood initiatives and Fred Levin goes on and on about waiting in line for a table on Palafox, their property on E Street is full of vagrants and constantly in violation of City codes.

115-S-E February Code Violations

In the March 25, 2015 email below from the City Code enforcement department to Cousin Bell, the inspector details just how bad of shape the property is in along with pictures.

Mr. Mayor and Mr. Levin, is this the way we want investors in our city to treat their vacant property?
Would you want your neighbors to treat their property in your neighborhood in this manner?
Shouldn't you lead by example?

      Mr. Bell,

I have attached three photos of some of the violations we discussed.  I see where the busted windows and doors have been boarded up and most of the property has been cut.  However, several people have taken up residence in the building.  There are several unsecured windows on the first and second floor and a door they are using to come and go in the cafeteria area.  To bring this property into compliance, the rest of the vegetation needs to be kept below 12 inches, the wood debris needs to be removed or put inside the building and the windows and door need to be secured.  If you have any questions please contact me at 436-5507.


On April 28, 2015, over two months later, the code violation case was re-inspected and found to be brought into compliance.

The compliance letter states:

"Thank you for helping clean up our community and making the City of Pensacola a nicer place in which to live and to visit."

Case closed...or is it!  Will Fred, Fred and Ashton keep their property in compliance?


NotaGOB said...

So let me get this straight.....Ash brokers the deal while Uncle Freddie puts up the money and Ash gets a commission for doing pretty much nothing. Sounds like an underhanded way to bribe an elected official to me.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor gives no bid city contracts to his own business partner? Isn't that against the law and a very serious ethics violation? I hope the State's Attorney's office investigates all this criminal behavior at City Hall. Where are our council members? This routine they have of ignoring fraud and pretending not to have any power is getting really old.

NotaGOB said...


Eddins will never bring any of this to trial. He has absolutely no spine and should be thrown in jail himself for failure to do his job. He only chases Meth users and other easy to prosecute types without money and a Fred Levin type attorney.