Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Shocker...CATFISH is Back!

CATFISH is back...CATFISH just can't help himself. CATFISH needs a job so he isn't posting at 4am.

Shame is yet another person has been chewed up and spit out by the Hayward spin machine.
Did anyone from the City attempt to correct the situation? No!

CATFISH...your man crush is so painfully obvious...get over it!!

Thanks for reaching out Nicole.  You have nothing to apologize for.  You were a victim of this action. I'm sorry this happened.

This is the type of henchmen the Mayor endorses and surrounds himself with.


Hi Maren, 
I am actually the real Nicole Lowery who previously worked as receptionist on the 7th floor at City Hall. I wanted to personally email you and apologize for the distasteful and embarrassing comment that was posted on your blog. I would like you to know that I would never have written something so rude and disrespectful. I am not sure who would be cruel enough to write a comment such as that and attach my name to it as the author.  I have an idea of a couple of people who may have taken the opportunity to publicly humiliate me in such a manner. I myself have only read your blog a handful of times because I chose to be impartial when it came to my coworkers and the opinions some may have of them.  I tried to stay neutral when it came to the media,  blogs,  social sites, and those I worked with so that I did not become part of the office politics and drama.  I hope that you can accept my sincere apology for whom ever it was who posted the comment. I am incredibly embarrassed and sorry. I was actually employed by Landrum Staffing as a temp employee for the City. I was relieved from the assignment at City Hall on August 25th. Basically, I was let go from my position because of a person's insecurities in her own job. I had a family emergency and she took it as an opportunity to have me let go. When I was contacted by the Landrum employee and informed that my assignment was terminated I explained what I was told by the office manager regarding my absence. There were many different stories told by this person. So, I was no longer working in the Mayor's office when your blog posted and was unaware my name ever mentioned anywhere in it until this evening when a friend informed me of it. I am hoping that I will one day know who has made a spectacle out of me by using your blog. By the way I have now read through almost all your posts and I hate to admit it but,  most of what you write about is spot on.
Well thank you for reading my email and allowing me the chance to apologize.  

Nicole E.  Lowery


Anonymous said...

Have things gotten so bad at City Hall that they rely on temps to fill positions? What proof do we have that this is the real Nicole Lowery and not some fake Sam Shady?

Anonymous said...

Give the actions of City Hall, I believe this to be the real Nicole Lowery.


Anonymous said...

Sad that this poor girl was thrown in the mix with a bunch of crazy, unethical, bunch. Saying it could've been a number of people is really sad. This is the work environment at the City of Pensacola? Perhaps it was Casey, the dimwitted, bobble head assistant who sits at her computer for hours on end looking for the "any" key when her computer starts up and says "press any key to start".

Maybe it was Drew, the unofficial, unemployed-with-the city-but-thinks-he works-for the city-7th floor resident Facebook commenter who only posts what they tell him to post.

Last but not least, Derek, ohhh Derek. The man. The myth. The legend. The liar. The unethical. The sweater vest. He's still on the city dime.

Perhaps Maren and Nicole should get together for drinks one night. I'm sure the conversation would be wonderful.