Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pensacola Energy Cited for Gas System Violations

On August 19, 2015, the Florida Public Service Commission cited Pensacola Energy for 5 violations.

The notice provided at the link below states:

"This notification of a gas pipeline safety violation GS-1332-PCOLA is for failure to comply with State and Federal natural gas safety rules."

A written response by the City is required by September 18, 2015.

Violations include:

  • failure to abandon inactive service lines over 10 years old.
  • failure to repair Grade 2 leaks within 90 days from when the leak was located
  • failure to provide correct phone numbers for line markers
The operation of Pensacola Energy is literally a ticking timebomb in Pensacola, especially downtown where the infrastructure is so old.

Hope we are not all blown to the Upside!

But the City still transfers millions over to fund the Mayor's addiction to YES people and fluff.


Anonymous said...

So, the City owns the Gas Company. The City charges us more than the national average for gas and siphons off all the profits that SHOULD be going to replace turn of the century infrastructure and make mandatory repairs for our Gas Company. They take these profits to throw into the General Fund so that the Mayor can play with it, fund no-bid contracts to his friends, pay for life critical services such as his personal photographer, newspaper reader/reporter, speechwriter, and girl who manages his Facebook; employees that Council has never even heard of, pay for millions in contracts to outside attorneys for services that should be done by our existing city attorneys that we pay a fortune in salaries; lunches on the City dime to Jacksons for the Mayor and his friends, etc. Meanwhile, the City Administrator Eric Olson, who is in charge of the Gas Company, is doing what exactly to earn his 35 percent pay increase?

Anonymous said...

The Hayward Administration is a DISGRACE!

Anonymous said...

This makes me scared to have a gas line running to my house. These are serious and extremely dangerous issues.

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for Maren doing public records requests, we would NEVER know what is really happening. The Mayor doesn't tell the Council, and there are never any "Upwords" newsletters about the critical issues. Just fluff and pictures of the Mayor smiling at some photo op. We have serious, dangerous problems that need to be addressed quickly. Council needs to call for an audit and investigation of where all our gas money goes and why it isn't being allowed to remain in the gas company for needed repairs to infrastructure. The Director of the Gas Company can't say anything against the Mayor siphoning his funds because he would be immediately fired. Council needs to act now while they are working on the Budget!

Anonymous said...