Friday, September 11, 2015

McLaughlin Sued for ADA Failures in 2008...Now an expert for $100 per hour

First, let me say again, I like Bob McLaughlin.  Bob would be a great City Administrator.  Bob mostly likely:

  • doesn't pose in front of Presidents 
  • doesn't tattle on Citizens
  • wouldn't try to halt bridge projects for an overzealous group of supporters.

But ADA compliance CZAR.  No!

As a Citizen stated to me this morning, having Bob McLaughlin involved with ADA compliance is like having Bill Clinton lecture on faithfulness in marriage.

In 2008, current City Councilmember Sherri Myers sued Bob McLaughlin when he was County Administrator for failure to enforce the County handicap parking ordinance 94-100 that would ensure that all businesses in the County had handicap parking.

2008 CA 003467

Does anyone on the Mayor's staff ever vet anything they do?


Anonymous said...

Actually, this would then put his hiring in direct congruence with the de facto policy of the Hayward administration. Simply stated, the "oh yeah, whaddaya gonna do about it?" policy of governance is as perfectly suited for ADA compliance as it is most of the other ordinances he and the boys like to ignore.

Anonymous said...

We are in the twilight zone. I think it's passed time to do some drug testing of everyone working on the seventh floor of City Hall.

Anonymous said...

Hayward just can't learn from his mistakes. Instead, he keeps hiring people who have no experience & who don't dare contradict what Hayward wants. After so many years of firing ethical & experienced employees, you would think that he would seek out at least one person who would provide him with their best advice & counsel. Of course, at this point, the best people don't want to work for the city of Pensacola.