Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Mayor and his Jelly

Recently, a Hayward family member was stopped at the TSA checkpoint for attempting to carry a jar of jelly through security.

This is a clear violation if the item is over 3.5 ounces.


Mayor Hayward arrived and immediately began telling everyone who he was and threatening to have people fired.

He would not accept the explanation given by the volunteer at pre-security and demanded to know the the TSA agent's name.  When that didn't work, Mayor Big Dog demanded to speak with the supervisor. 

Mayor Hayward made a dash for the gate exit area, then thought better of breaking the law and began yelling again to see a supervisor;  Who again explained the TSA guidelines and the law that applies to ALL.

And all this over a jar of jelly,  No exceptions Mr. Mayor...not even for you. 

Good news is Mr. Mayor...you get to keep the jelly.


Anonymous said...

...not his first juvenile "purple fit" at the airport...also his destination on his fleeing and eluding from ppd officer filligam:


Anonymous said...

Someone has to have video of this, priceless! Airport cameras?

Anonymous said...

The mayor was probably having flashbacks of when he was under 21 and was trying to get a fake ID and when he didn't get his way he ran out of the DMV to avoid arrest.

Anonymous said...

anyone else would have been cuffed and stuffed and taken to a back room

Anonymous said...

What a dick!
Hey Ashton, news flash. TSA agents don't work for you. They're federal government employees, you know, fe-de-ral, as in prison?
So pull your Calvins out your wad, you have no chance of waving your magic little Gucci wand, calling up Code Red Olson and having him order up a Big Ed $5 box to fire them. You'd think he'd be nicer to federal government employees considering the fact that one day, they might bring his lunch, or give him an extra bar of soap, or something like that.

You're not above the law Ashton, and you're definitely not better than anyone else.
Kudus to the TSA agent who did their JOB! Shame on Ashton Hayward for trying to abuse his power YET ONCE AGAIN.
Is there any clue to where Eric Olson gets that from? Think not!

I bet he's like this everywhere he goes..

"Hey I'm Ashton Hayward, Mayor of Pensacola, I want a pepperoni pizza extra cheese"
"Um sorry, this is McDonalds we don't have pizza"
"But Im Ashton Hayward, strong mayor of Pensacola"
"Uhh, ok?"
"That's it! Get me a manager! Don't you know who I am? You're so fired!"
"Uhh, ok?"

blew said...

what a petulant child; there has to be video of this somewhere. I can only hope some arriving/departing visitors noticed him from his welcome video that plays on a loop at the stairs/escalator.