Thursday, September 3, 2015

Man Crush 2.0

No wonder the Mayor has lost everyone's respect.  He believes Kerrigan's take on his "leadership".

"gaggle of screamers demanding their respective historically granted entitlements of government lease and contract deals" this aimed at Merrill and Russenberger?

"orchestrated press manipulation"... is this aimed at Studer?

"These benefits the screamers sought took various forms, but of late have included not paying lease fees owed to the city, rigged concession leases at the airport and demanding one-sided lease deals that were contrary to the taxpayer’s best interests."

Dang Bob...who are you talking about?

"They want the game continued tilted in their favor. The rules we all abide by have never applied to these insiders."

Hey Bob, you do remember the Mayor is being investigated for "tilting" toward Pate?

Rules ever apply to these insiders?

  • Pate
  • Levin


Anonymous said...

As they say, "the smeller's usually the feller'"

Anonymous said...

Statesman? What a joke. Criminal, yes. Sleazy lying snake, yes. Charlatan, yes. But the word statesman to describe the most corrupt and self-serving Mayor our city has ever known....No. I bet Kerrigan's law firm also has one of those no-bid contracts for legal services.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how someone who is supposedly so well-versed on the law and ethics is completely blind to both? Kerrigan's undying support of Mayor Wayward is completely ignorant at least and extremely hypocritical at most. Wayward has proven time and time again that he has ZERO integrity and ZERO leadership ability. He's one of the most corrupt, elitist, law-breaking, unethical, tyrants Pensacola has ever endured, yet Kerrigan like Levin have their anchors securely hitched to the Wayward ship. (Titanic reloaded). The more Kerrigan and Levin openly support the mayor's corruption, the more they expose themselves to be who most already knew they were. It's appalling how Levin and Kerrigan believe that everyone should just bow down and agree with what they have to say based on what they believe to be their elite status.

Anonymous said...

Here is Bob Kerrigan in his show "Without Reason"