Friday, September 4, 2015

Levin, Vigodsky and Mayor Hayward...Harboring Rats on Their Property?

349 LLC, owned by Fred Levin, Fred Vigodsky and Mayor Hayward, have allowed the Hallmark School to fall into urban decay since they purchased the property in 2013.

What once was a school thriving with activity and an anchor for the local neighborhood is now a derelict building repeatedly tainted with graffiti, having open or broken windows and doors, strewn with garbage and evidently harboring rats according to the City the Mayor leads.  These community leaders and the Mayor have neglected the site ever since their planned development was abandoned.

Below is a link to all of the code violations issued to the 349 LLC partners since they purchased the property including three (3) in 2015 alone.

  • August 4, 2015  - defaced with graffiti, broken windows, debris, open windows
  • June 4, 2015 - maintenance of right of way, harboring rats, diminishing public safety
  • February 19, 2015 - broken windows, litter, debris, unsecured doors
  • July 17, 2013 - maintenance of right of way, harboring rats, diminishing public safety

Based on the August 27, 2015 email below from the City code enforcement department that works for the offender (Hayward), the latest code violations continue to persist  and are once again are being referred to the City's Special Magistrate for a hearing.  The Mayor's cousin and real estate broker Harry Bell appears oblivious to the condition of the property based on his email to the City with so many issues with the property still in non-compliance with Code.


Four window A/C units have been removed, three on the east side of the building and one on the west side, leaving the bottom half of the windows open.  There is a window on the west side with broken glass panes.  Also, on the west side of the building is a small hallway with a shopping cart full of trash and litter.  Graffiti remains on the second story of the accessory building on the west side, service area.  Recently, someone parked three tractor trailers on the west side of the building, with what appears to be materials for a haunted house on the ground around them.  I am referring the case to the Code Enforcement hearing before the Special Magistrate.  This date has not been scheduled at this time, but if the work is completed before it is scheduled, the case will be removed from the agenda.                      

From: Harry Bell []
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2015 5:31 PM
To: Keith DeWise
Subject: Re: 115 S E St


Were there any other concerns? We've repaired the items you mentioned. Please let me know if the City has any additional concerns.

Thank you,

Why don't Mr. Levin, Mr. Vigodsky and Mayor Ashton Hayward take pride in our community and do their part to keep their property safe, clean and in code?  Harboring rats?

Didn't Hayward take an oath to uphold the ordinances of the City not violate them?

But hey, Palafox is one great street!  No rats on Palafox! Forget all you people over on the West side, we have waits for tables on Palafox. 

Mr. Levin stated his lecture to the City recently regarding why we should all bow at the alter of Hayward:

"The changes that have taken place in our city under our new strong Mayor is the envy of cities throughout this country."

Those changes in Pensacola on properties owned by the Mayor aren't the envy of anyone, they just continue to bring slum and blight to a neighborhood Mr. Levin states is "historically neglected neighborhoods" and thanks to them is CURRENTLY NEGLECTED.

Mayor Hayward, Mr. Levin and Mr. Vigodsky, please quit being part of the problem in Pensacola and start being a part of the solution!

Don't harbor rats!


Anonymous said...

Fred Levin, Vigodsky (another attorney?), and the Mayor, need to be paying some substantial fines for allowing this property to bring down the neighborhood. How can you pretend to care about neighborhoods when you are running for office, and then once elected, buy up properties and allow them to become a haven for rats, drug dealers, vagrants, weeds, and graffiti? The Who's Who of Pensacola keep doing this and bringing down the whole City. Usually, they never even end up in Code Enforcement because the City looks the other way. Thank you for letting the public know how the Mayor feels obeying the laws and ordinances of this City which he is bound by the Charter to follow, obey, and enforce. Hopefully, all the Westside Neighborhoods will remember the new slum and blight that the Mayor caused when election time rolls around again.

Anonymous said...

Fred Levin, Brett Vigodsky and Ashton Hayward should be thrown in jail for allowing this to go on so long. Rats, weeds, drug deals, vagrants, and graffiti are not acceptable property management from anyone, much less millionaires and our Mayor. Where are the 'Upwords' newsletters about the blighted conditions that the Mayor is causing in this neighborhood? Why did the school board sell yet another historic building for under appraised value to the Mayor?

Anonymous said...

I've got to send a link to this blog article to Huffington Post and their fluff piece on our Mayor. Maybe I'll also include a link about his ongoing federal investigation.

Anonymous said...


Please do just that.

Jack Cukjati said...

To all concerned: Yes, trailers were parked on the property, and substantial repairs were made to the property including but limited to: repairing the fire alarm system, all air conditioners, windows, doors and the property was cleaned up both outside and inside. All Trash was hauled away. Thank all of you for your complaints as a lot of work by over 20 volunteers who were working to secure funds for a non-profit 501c3 that was working to renovate and promote baseball AND 125 cheerleaders who were to sell tickets so they could go to national competition is now down the drain. Money was also to be donated to kids who could not afford bats and gloves for their sports. We had a EMT, Doctor and extra personnel, 25 exits with lighted signs and escorts, wheel chair accessible on site to look over everything in the haunted house. Thank all of you for your hard work!!! Now all that remains is take down all that was done. Its to bad that your politics have collided with such a worthwhile and noble project.