Friday, September 25, 2015

Jerry Pate's Landscaping Violations at Davis and Airport?

When you are Jerry Pate in the City of Pensacola, I guess rules just don't apply to you?

It appears that Pate's company is doing the landscaping for the project at the corner of Davis Highway and Airport Blvd.

If you drive by the site, you will notice a sidewalk coming down Davis Highway to a nice ADA compliant transition to the cross walk across Airport Blvd.  After the crosswalk, pedestrians are greeted on the other side of the street by another nice ADA compliant transition DIRECTLY INTO A FLOWER BED.

The Intersection even has crossing signals into the flowerbed!!!!

This is new construction in the City.  Who permitted this plan?

Steve Dana of Vision Pensacola may want to stop worrying about the "legacy bridge" and maybe, just maybe, worry about the projects his client's are paying him for.

Who at the City is allowing this?
Has FDOT been informed?
Does Jerry Pate, Mayor's travel buddy and former No-Bid City Approved Owner's Representative on construction projects think this is OK?

What will they do to remedy this?


Anonymous said...

ROFOMAO!!!.....that picture says everything about the Hayward Administration. An on-ramp that fails to attach to anything.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the ADA Compliance "czar" Bob can figure out how this happened? Maybe not and he gets the City sued over ADA compliance. Sherri Myers isn't going to like this.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember any sidewalks being there before. How about a before picture.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to bet there is a sidewalk project in the mayor's budget to put this in for the developer?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the indictments against Hayward are coming down and Pate just quit the job because it will be his last!

Anonymous said...

That photo triggered a childhood memory, featuring the Winchester mansion.
I visited there twice, and it still fascinates me, wondering why someone would build something that goes nowhere.
(Snipped from Wiki):

"The Winchester Mystery House is a mansion in San Jose, California which was once the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester. Located at 525 South Winchester Blvd. in San Jose, the Queen Anne Style Victorian mansion is renowned for its size, its architectural curiosities, and its lack of any master building plan. It is a designated California historical landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is privately owned and serves as a tourist attraction.

Ever since construction commenced in 1884, the property and mansion was claimed, including by Winchester herself, to be haunted by the ghosts of those killed with Winchester rifles. Under Winchester's day-to-day guidance, its "from-the-ground-up" construction proceeded around the clock, by some accounts, without interruption, until her death on September 5, 1922, at which time work immediately ceased
She did not use an architect and added on to the building in a haphazard fashion, so the home contains numerous oddities such as doors and stairs that go nowhere, windows overlooking other rooms and stairs with odd-sized risers. Many accounts attribute these oddities to her belief in ghosts."

Is this corner haunted?

Anonymous said...

Hayward needed a reason to justify hiring Bob.
Here it is!

Anonymous said...

the coolest part of this project is the massive volume of stormwater that will be directed into Carpenters Creek from the driveway that runs parallel to Airport Blvd and slopes towards the creek from the building site above. How this project got permitted in the first place is the question that needs to be asked. The sidewalk into the flower bed is not the big issue here but another sign of a horrible design that obtained the blessing of the applicable government agencies.

Anonymous said...

it's FDOT's road....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:17 is correct. The ADA curb cut was constructed by FDOT for a future sidewalk. The landscaping is being installed in the FDOT right-of-way but the developer should be providing the landscaping and NOT the city.

It should be noted that the three other corners all have concrete walkways leading in both directions but this one does not. Again, the developer should be providing the concrete walks in front of his property. It is unclear to me if the corner property is in the county or the city (probably the city), but it seems that one of the two agencies has dropped the ball by not making the developer install a sidewalk AND landscaping.

Are you sure that the city is paying for this landscaping for the benefit of the developer? Was it another no-bid contract to Jerry Pate?