Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Haywards Folly's...Legal Edition

Here are links to just some of the cases the City is defending itself against due to its own actions:
  • Fish House / Seville Harbour vs. City of Pensacola
    • Full of high power attorneys - got to be $2,000-$3,000 in attorneys fees for a half hour hearing.
    • Bruce Partington, Clark Partington Hart.  Bruce swore the Mayor in back in 2011 and rendered legal opinions on behalf of the Mayor but now is representing Russenberger against the Mayor. 
    • Robert Emmanuel, Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon is watching out for the Merrill's interests in the matter.
    • Ed Fleming, McDonald Fleming.  Ed used to represent the CMPA now he has joined the team against Hayward.  From what I have heard about Ed in court, City may want to settle.
    • James N. Daniel, Beggs & Lane.  I hear that the monthly retainer for Beggs & Lane is rather sporty these days.  Daniel should name a new boat, Tax Dollars or Ashton's Troubles!  Which should it be?
    • Bob Kerrigan, KERM&T.  Every contract case needs a personal injury attorney. Right?
    • Eric Stevenson - The DUI guy is protecting Rick Outzen's interests in the case.  I wonder if it gives him access to documents?
    • Sooner or later according to the docket, video depositions are coming to a screen near you.  Should be fun!
  • Bill Reynolds vs. City of Pensacola
  • Eric Frank  vs. City of Pensacola
    • Class action against the City for billing franchise fees to City residents through Pensacola Energy.
    • Gulf Breeze Mayor Matt Dannheisser, in his unofficial capacity as a private attorney, for the plaintiffs against the City.
    • Mayor Ashton Hayward served on August 11, 2015.
    • Bet Tricky Dick Barker got some 'splainin' to do!
With this many depositions to be conducted in a short time frame, maybe we will get to what really happens inside City Hall.

I understand video depositions can be brutal due to the expressions and nuances that video captures that a transcript will not.

I will find Barker's video from my charter complaint and show you just how bad a video deposition can go!


Anonymous said...

and from State Attorney Eddins who should be at the top of the list........nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hayward will go down in history as the Mayor who bankrupted the city to line the pockets of lawyers just so he could continue to bully his way through life. Such waste makes me sick. Why is it that we pay for city attorneys when none are working these cases?

Anonymous said...

How much is being spent on "legal fees" these days? Lots of no-bid jobs going to buddies.

Anonymous said...

You can rightly blame Hayward all you want, but the blame falls equally on our city council for sitting on their thumbs and pretending not to see the obvious. Clean house now!!!