Thursday, September 24, 2015

Gannett Shines Statewide Light on Hayward Corruption Investigation

Gannett published an editorial today statewide on new efforts to fight public corruption.  The article discusses the effort and notes that all State Attorneys signed on to fight public corruption.

Some may have signed it but really didn't mean it.

The article states:

"Without change, the news — and costs — will continue.

In Escambia County – where four commissioners were arrested in 2003 for bribery and racketeering — the mayor of Pensacola has been under investigation for handing no-bid landscaping contracts to a friend."

The push for harsher laws on public corruption uses our Mayor as the example.  We should be soooooo proud of our Mayor!

Watch the ENTIRE video at the links.  Excellent!!

The video discusses making laws that make what the Mayor admitted to stronger so that prosecutors can get convictions and send people to prison.

It discusses the Mayor's investigation at 1:10 in the video.  Is he the statewide poster boy for corruption legislation?

There are hundreds of thousands of people reading the above links today all thinking the same thing about Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward.

Pensacola, the Upside of Corruption?

Bet the Governor's staff reads it.
Bet the republican presidential candidates staffs reads it.

Way to go Mayor!


Anonymous said...

However, in the case of the Mayor the violations of state law are obvious...the failure to prosecute has NOTHING to do with a failure or weakness of the law..

its a failure of public officials to perform their sworn duties...

Anonymous said...

The local branch of Gannett News, known as the Pensacola News Journal, has usually been a cheerleader for local corruption. Perhaps Gannett could start cleaning its own house before throwing rocks at others.

Anonymous said...

Corruption and kickbacks? You should look in to the contractors and administrators with Rebuild North West Florida. I am surprised no one has investigated that box of chocolates yet.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of failures. How about the failure of this blog's author to make anything stick with regard to the mayor. Slanderous charges, fluffing, huffing and puffing and still you get nothing to stick. At some point this community will get tired of your venomous rantings and run you out of town. If the mayor is corrupt, how about you actually bring something with meat that sticks or stay on the porch with the puppies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:39 sounds like one of the chosen.

Anonymous said...

It is not slanderous since the links that provide the proof are included.

I agree. 6:39 sounds like they are working on the 7th floor.

Anonymous said...

Maren does not have arrest power...only our elected state attorney can make these endless obvious crimes "Stick"

Nothing Maren has reported has been proven false.

Did the Mayor get a favorable loan from Servis First and then the City invest over 25 million dollars in said bank...for the first time?

Did the Mayor get wine , dined, chauffeured and MORE by Molton Allen Williams and then give them a $500,000 contract for no purpose? AFTER letting MAW work on the bid specs?

Did the Mayor grant hundreds of thousands of dollars of no bid contracts to his best buddy/travel sponsor Jerry?

Did the Mayor sign off on illegal/unconstitutional expenditures for favorite Churches?

Did the Mayor habitually use city credit cards to pay for personal meals all about town...illegally?

on and on and on.....

By the way...the statute of limitations does not even begin to tick tock until the Mayor leaves office. Better hope the next state Attorney is as friendly.

Melanie Nichols said...

The community is grateful to Maren DeWeese for bringing the real "transparency" to what is happening at City Hall with all our tax dollars. It's not a 'ranting' when it's all backed up with evidence. But, of course, 'ranting' is the word used by sexist men when a woman makes a statement backed up with evidence and documentation. If Maren were a Mike, it would be 'reporting' and not 'ranting'. Keep up the great work Maren!

Anonymous said...

Melanie -- couldn't agree more! Thanks to Maren & you for not backing down! Hayward caters to the ruling class & couldn't care less about every other resident of Pensacola.