Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Eric Olson...What does he do?

I requested a weeks worth of emails for City Administrator Eric Olson.  Specifically I requested from Monday to Friday the week of the No Confidence vote.

Here is what I found:

  • 299 total emails to and from
  • 19 were out of office replies since he took the Friday after the Council meeting off
  • 7 related to public records requests
  • 8 were updates on Hurricane Danny
  • 2 were for requisitions for Asst City Administrators done on the 21st
  • 3 were to approve his Landrum assistant
  • 5 were distribution emails from the Florida League of Cities
  • 1 was the Mayors Upwards notification
  • 4 were agenda change notifications
  • 1 was a blast from Energy Star
  • 1 was to a Hatch Mott open house
  • 3 were City of Pensacola Media releases
  • 1 was me copying him on a blog post
  • 1 was a PTO request
So after getting rid of the junk.  The City Administrator had 243 emails for the week.
  • 85 sent
  • 158 received
Of the 85 Sent emails:
  • 2 were public records related requests for his "govt email policy"
  • 1 was telling Brian Cooper his voice mail was full
  • 1 was letting staff know he was off on Friday
  • 2 were related to a proclamation for National Drive Electric Week
  • 13 had the response either "thx" or "Thanks"
  • 11 had the response " fyi"
  • 8 were forwarded with no input from Olson
  • 1 let Derek Cosson know he received his resignation/termination letter
  • 3 were emails sent during the No Confidence Council meeting
  • 5 were responses to Council
So of the 85 emails sent about half were of little or no APPARENT substance.  

But these are the ones with plenty of substance in that it is reading between the lines where the intent to keep the discussions from the public's eyes comes into play.

Here are topics of emails sent or forwarded by Olson with little or no discussion IN WRITING.
  • Complaint by Carol Ann Mackey and Dan Linndemann
  • Complaint by Movement for Civil and Human Liberties
  • Questions about CBRE-CMP
  • Long Hollow Radio Tower
These are the items that show the real issues inside City Hall right now.  Over the next few days, I will dive in and show you the issues and how the City is not always on the UPSIDE of the situation.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Maren for all of your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Here is a throw back email.

From: Janet Matteson
Date: July 31, 2014 9:01:29 AM CDT
To: Colleen Castille , “‘'” , Ashton Hayward , Stephanie Tillery , Brian Spencer , Rusty Wells , Tamara Fountain , City Council
Subject: RE: Directive from City

Ms. Castille:
The subject e mail is inaccurate, unprofessional and disturbing in light of your public transmission of an apparent ethical violation without any consultation with this office.
1 I do not know Mr. Lindemann and I do not have any meeting scheduled with him. As you know, my office defends the City. It does not give advice to citizens on how to sue the City. In that regard, I am directing you to resolve any issues you have with Mr. Lindemann immediately. As a taxpayer, he has a right to a final resolution of his issue by you as the City Administrator; furthermore,
2 It is very disturbing to me that you would create a public record that passes on the statement that “the City Attorney directed her to sue the City.” That statement is false.
Neither myself nor anyone in my office would ever direct a citizen to sue the City. That is a serious ethical violation. I have never had a conversation with Ms. Mackey on any matter.
3 In the future, I would appreciate your closer attention to detail and staff coordination in order that these unfortunate events do not occur in the future and that the taxpayers who support us receive prompt, accurate information on whatever issues they bring to City Hall.
/s/ City Attorney

—–Original Message—–
From: Colleen Castille
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 4:31 PM
To: ‘Dan Lindemann’; Jim Messer
Cc: City Council; Ashton Hayward
Subject: RE: Directive from City

Dear Dan,

I understand you have a meeting with the City Attorney Jim Messer tomorrow morning. In lieu of letter, that will be my response.

Colleen M. Castille
City Administrator
City of Pensacola, Florida

—–Original Message—–
From: Dan Lindemann []
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 10:42 AM
To: Colleen Castille
Cc: City Council; Ashton Hayward
Subject: Directive from City

Colleen Castille,
Just spoke with Carol-Ann Mackey, owner of 28 N. Palafox St. She informed me that the City Attorney directed her to file a Law Suit against the City.
Does this apply to me as well? If so, please advise and process my request for a meeting with the City Attorney.
I would appreciate an answer today if that is at all possible.
Thank You
Dan Lindemann

Anonymous said...

Maren -

Please do a follow up to your "Vision Pensacola" articles. Apparently Senator Gaetz had to give Ashton Hayward and his playmates a good verbal spanking regarding the "Delusion Pensacola" mess. I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that Jerry Pate Design was looking for a fat commission on that project.


Anonymous said...

Where are the Mayor's correspondence? How does he communicate with staff? Is everything spoken ... From Goodfellas ...

For a guy who moved all day long...

...Paulie didn't talk to people.
With union problems...

...or a beef in the numbers...

...only the top guys spoke
with Paulie about the problem.

Everything was one-on-one.
Paulie hated conferences.

He didn't want anyone
hearing what he said...

...or anyone listening to
what he was being told.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Council meets only once a month and the village idiot was actually sending e-mails while he should have been paying attention during the Council meeting? Was he e-mailing barbs about Council members or the public to Rusty Wells or Sherry Morris?

Anonymous said...

Ashton Hayward, Steve Dana, Jerry Pate.....the same players as the federal investigation. Are the taxpayers funding Vision Pensacola? Is this another one of his outside services contracts that the council knows nothing about? Was he going to steer the work to Jerry Pate again in another no-bid contract?

Anonymous said...

Good questions, Anonymous at 6:21 PM. Who, indeed, funded all of those very professional and VERY expensive colored renderings of the.....wait for it....Fantasy Bridge? Who produced the renderings which, no doubt, took hundreds of man-hours? Did they do it on their lunch break for "free"? If not, who paid the artists and how much were they paid? Who laid out those traffic patterns which include the obligatory Brian Spencer roundabout? Who went on the trips to Tallahassee, and who paid for the trips? Were any city employees (like Alan Gray) being paid by the taxpayers to participate in this sham? A thorough investigation is required to vet all of this out. In Pensacola, if you follow the money you will find all the answers!

BTW, the Fantasy Bridge is just that - a fantasy! The Delusion Pensacola facebook page depicts a cable suspension system because, well, just because someone drove through Mobile and thinks that their bridge is cute. It is completely bogus, along with Delusion's facebook statements that their design won't cost any more money or delay the bridge project. If Delusion Pensacola wants to call the cable suspension "thing" a sculpture, that might be correct. But if you are so naïve to believe that the State of Florida is going to finance a $40 million thingy sculpture, I have my own bridge 30 miles south of Pensacola Beach that I will be glad to sell you!