Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Did A Village Lose Their Idiot?

A picture is worth a thousand words!

In the Associated Press photo below, City Administrator Eric Olson shows in one photo the reasons he is the wrong person for the job of City Administrator.

In 1985, then President Ronald Reagan attended the graduation ceremony of the US Naval Academy to present commissions to the newly graduated officers.

Let's set the stage for the photo:

  • You are becoming a Naval officer charged with leading sailors.
  • Your commander-in-chief comes to your academy to present your commission.
  • The officers you will serve with and serve under are looking on
  • Your family is there to see you fulfill receiving an honor most that apply do not obtain.
  • Your country has paid hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to train you already to this point.
How do you act?  Like the village idiot!  The Gipper is looking at you like you are a fool!

The caption to the 1985 Associated Press photo reads:

"Naval academy graduate Eric Olsen of California is presented his diploma by President Reagan."

I took the liberty of sharing the photo with numerous Naval Academy graduates, none of them felt actions were appropriate given the circumstances, especially with the President in attendance.

Mr. Olson, I didn't know Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was not a friend of mine.  You sir are no Ronald Reagan!


Anonymous said...

The Navy obviously cared a great deal about his tasteless behavior, lack of judgment, and 'need for attention at all costs' because he never went anywhere in his career. He never made command, never saw combat, and never made Captain. It's the most bizarre resume of a Navy service person that I've seen.

Anonymous said...

He stated publicly that he was a combat veteran at the city council agenda review meeting. I wonder if he has committed an act of stolen valor? I hope not, because that would be an incredibly stupid move.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, he's our village idiot for the time being. He lost a 178 million dollar contract for Pensacola with 80 high paying jobs because he was too lazy to do his job because he was still pretending to be in the Navy, he leaked a police video to the media in order to fire LuTimothy May because he was trying to bring much needed change to the City, he publicly insults, demeans and disparages community advocate Dottie Dubuisson at meetings and makes false allegations to the boss of Nichols, another community advocate, in an attempt to get her fired. Somebody please bring Eric Olson a box before he goes Code Red on another citizen.Thank you Maren for publishing Olson's emails between him and is Senate friend showing they were trying to bypass the VA policies using government email. What a hypocrite. The Mayor surrounds himself with such garbage, and each one makes over 100K of our tax dollars, all while crime is rising fast in the City and there's no money for additional Police officers.

Anonymous said...

Olson has no management experience whatsoever. He had an illustrious career in what the military calls 'skating'. His last 12 years in service weren't even spent serving with the Navy.
Liason officer Toulon, France 2008-2011; Oklahoma ROTC instructor 2005-2008; Defense Attache Tallinn, Estonia, 2002-2005; desk officer Virginia, 1997-1999; Aircraft Carrier Direction Center, Coronado, CA, 1994-1996; Olmsted Foundation Scholar 1992-1994; Naval Flight Officer, Hawaii, 1987-1991. What in any of that prepared him to be City Administrator in charge of managing an airport, gas utility, port, parks dept., Police Department, Fire Department, Human Resources, City Hall, etc?