Friday, September 4, 2015

Bob McLaughlin to be Assistant City Administrator

In a typical insider deal, the City of Pensacola will likely announce that Bob McLaughlin will join the City as Assistant City Administrator - Operations.

From email traffic to Eric Olson, the deal was cooked after Tamara Fountain left but prior to the No Confidence vote as Bob submitted his resume on August 19.

The job posting doesn't close until tonight at 11:59pm but let me be the first to say

CONGRATS BOB!   You will immediately be more qualified than your boss and his boss for that matter.

And for God sake Bob don't use your city email for personal business.

FYI...this is the best decision Hayward has made in YEARS!


Anonymous said... may wake up the Snooze Urinal

CJ Lewis said...

The position was the only one of the two Assistant City Administrator positions posted to the International City/County Management Association's Job Center website with an opening date of August 21.

Bob McLaughlin's present will provide adult leadership and make the transition easier back to a Council-Manager form of government with an appointed Chief Administrative Official replacing an elected Chief Administrative Official.

In 2003, the Attorney General issued an Advisory Legal Opinion (AGO 2003-47) that confirmed that the duties of a Mayor could be changed prior to the end of the Mayor's elected term when a municipality changed its form of government from Mayor-Council to Council-Manager.

Anonymous said...

This dude must really need a job! Want to ruin your career and possibly life, go to work for Pensacola City Hall.

Anonymous said...

C.J Lewis,

Thanks for the time you put into research.

Our mayor hides comments on his "Official Facebook page of Ashton J. Hayward, Mayor of the City of Pensacola, Florida. All content is subject to Florida public records laws and may be retained and produced upon request."

The art of hiding transparency =

Anonymous said...

Tom Bonifield and Al Coby did the work of 4 people. Can we compare 7th floor salaries pre-Hayward to now?

There has to be at least a half million dollar difference. That money could've gone to the fake roads the city never paves.

Anonymous said...

Once Tom Bonfield left, Al Coby did all the work for the City Managers office -- no assistants or aides or chief operating officers. Of course, he had confidence in the department directors & treated them with respect. Now people get fired without knowing why. No conversation with their boss about expectations, performance goals, etc.

Anonymous said...

How will that work since he has so much more experience and qualifications than Code Red Olson? Please let this mean Olson will be terminated/restructured/or whatever new upword Cosson creates for the Mayor to use to describe the event.