Thursday, August 6, 2015

Skywarrior to Take $178 Million Contract AWAY from Pensacola Intergalactic

In the audio voice mail recording below, the owner of Skywarrior, a defense contractor doing basic flight training services at Pensacola's airport for the Navy tells City Administrator Eric Olson he is so unhappy with the City's treatment of his lease he is going to propose on an Air Force contract worth $178 MILLION with either Marianna or Montgomery as the location.


I thought this was the economic development Mayor?
Airport Queen Tamara Fountain better step up her game or she will have to threaten herself with termination!
The Potted Plant needs to put down the mirror and get right on this one!
Imagination Unlimited better use some Disney magic on their kingdom!


Another local business trying to expand here but being jacked around on their lease.  Will they never learn?

Quint you are not alone in being jacked up by the "JV" staff at City Hall!


Anonymous said...

Notice, he phoned Eric Olsen, not Tamara, or Rebecca..... Who is really in charge?

What a joke.

Disgusted in Pensacola said...

You have to admit that they may not be a very smart bunch of people nor have the experience necessary for the positions they hold but the people Hashtag Wayward has put together to run the city sure is an attractive bunch.

Anonymous said...

Tamara Fountain dropped the ball here.

Anonymous said...

The Hayward Administration has run City Hall into the ground. The PNJ poll clearly confirms that more tham 70% of citizens think the Mayor and his staff is doing a lousy job. But then again, this is what happens you allow a potted plant and a air condition receptionist to run the Pensacola "International" House of Pancakes Airport.

I'm sending a pallet of boxes up to the 7th floor.
Edward Sisson, "Get the box, leave the cannoli".

Anonymous said...

I understand his frustration but really? 178 million dollar contract? Build the damn million dollar hanger yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, don't crush our vibe with that bad news. According to the Mayor's Facebook Page, we've been FEATURED in Southwest Airlines In-Flight Magazine, What's $178 Million compared to a 100 LIKES and a "Nice!" from Derek Cosson?