Tuesday, August 18, 2015

OMG Eric Olson Said and Did Nothing When County Attorney LOBBIED from Her County Email Account

Eric Olson's expressed story of his concern for Government emails holds no water.  He targeted Melanie Nichols.

Below is an email Olson received along with Parks Director Brian Cooper and Tamara Fountain from Brian Spencer forwarding an email from COUNTY ATTORNEY Alison Rogers FROM HER COUNTY EMAIL ACCOUNT LOBBYING for bike racks.


Did Olson call the County Administrator?  Of course not.

You targeted Melanie Nichols and you know it, Mr. Olson!  You should be fired!!

On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 7:36 PM, Brian Spencer <brian@smp-arch.com> wrote:

This is FANTASTIC!  Perfect functional public art for our Bayfront !
I am forwarding your photo and observation regarding lack of ample bike racks to City Parks & Rec Director and to City COO, and City Administrator.
I will also include a Parks & Rec Board member, Paul Epstein, with request that he add to their next meeting agenda.
Brian Spencer

Brian K. Spencer, AIA
SMP Architecture, P.A.
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> On May 18, 2015, at 3:47 PM, Alison A. Rogers <aaperdue@co.escambia.fl.us> wrote:
> Hi Brian, Alison Rogers here.  I am living downtown now and I want to lobby you for more bike racks.  Saturday my husband and I rode to the Lionfish Festival at de Luna Park where we and several others were unable to easily find racks so we locked to poles and signs and other bikes.  Then we rode to Hub's for lunch and same problem.  With Art in the Park there were tons of bikes and no racks.
> Thanks for your service.
> Alison

From: Paul Epstein [mailto:paul@werunwild.com]
Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 9:45 PM
To: Brian Spencer
Cc: Alison A. Rogers ; Brian Cooper ; Tamara Fountain ; Eric Olson
Subject: Re: Bike racks

Hi Alison,
Thank you for sharing the pics and your experience while biking around our great Downtown.  The agenda for this month's Parks and Rec Board meeting is already set as the meeting is this Thursday morning.  I will, however, bring up the topic of bike racks during the new business portion of our meeting to at least begin a discussion.  

As always you are welcome to come to the Parks and Rec Board meetings, maybe we can add the topic of bike racks to our June meeting and you could share more pictures and personal experiences. 

Paul Epstein
Running Wild
Pensacola FL
Fairhope, AL

From: Alison A. Rogers [mailto:aaperdue@co.escambia.fl.us]
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 5:56 AM
To: Paul Epstein
Cc: Brian Spencer ; Alison A. Rogers ; Brian Cooper ; Tamara Fountain ; Eric Olson
Subject: Re: Bike racks

Thanks to all for attention to my concern.

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Anonymous said...

Yes..he only has a concern about citizens using government emails if they dare criticize the City...what a pathetic weak and insecure man. It's shocking to think he was in our military.

Anonymous said...

Really funny how Mr. Kerrigan, in a PNJ comment, is not happy that he as a taxpayer pay for Ms. Nichols non-work emails. I guess he doesn't pay taxes in Pensacola since he didn't mention his unhappiness with City employee pet pictures & every other email I'm sure is non-city business related.


This would be comical if it wasn't so indicative of the way this city and the powers that be operate.