Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Olson Goes Covert

Don't you love the drama...What's in the box?  300 emails from a Citizen?

From: Edward Sisson []
Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2015 4:02 PM
To: Eric Olson
Subject: Re: Box fund


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On Jul 2, 2015, at 2:00 PM, Eric Olson <> wrote:
Be prepared to react Monday morning to a request for help with a box. I’ll talk to you Monday at 8:30 in your office.
Eric Olson
City Administrator
City of Pensacola

(850) 435-1696


Anonymous said...

Obviously something Olsen DID NOT want discoverable through a public records search and his colleague "understood".

Anonymous said...

That's how these clowns operate.

Anonymous said...

This is far to easy - Big Ed Sisson is the hatchet man. He is the lackey that those who don't have the courage to do their own dirty work send to rid City Hall of the riffraff. He shows up with boxes to pack offices. His only statement is, "the City has chosen to go in a different direction. Here's your papers." And then he sits and sweats through his collar while the former staffer packs their belongings. LuTimothy May was fired on Monday, July 8. This was the Code Red to get the Rev's papers ready and to have the boxes for the perp walk.

Big guy understands his owners commands, even when in code.

Anonymous said...

WOW.....somebody is gonna be in trouble....!!!

Anonymous said...

Sisson brags about bringing a box for personal belongings to a firing. Who got fired that week?

Anonymous said...

Exactly what I thought it meant. Get the boxes ready to fire yet another staffer that was hired with no job description, no identified need etc., to serve the Mayor exclusively, to show up whenever they wanted, making twice the salary of most department heads who have been there for years etc.Interesting in today's Independent News how Eric Olson won't support the Mayor's Initiative Movement to end homelessness for veteran's citing lack of staff, yet they have more staff in the Mayor's office now than in any other time in history. What have they done? What is being accomplished? Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Tamara Fountain's resume was bogus!
PNJ just reported:

Records requests for Fountain's degrees, however, show that Fountain has a bachelor's of business administration from UWF, and no degree from FSU.

An FSU spokesperson wrote in a email that Fountain, "attended Fall 1988 through Summer 1993 and Fall 2000 through Spring 2002," but that there had been, "no degree awarded."

Hayward made the statements about Fountain's degrees July 24. Neither the mayor nor Fountain herself have attempted to clarify or correct the mayor's statement in the two weeks since. Following the News Journal's first story, Fountain deleted her social media accounts.

Fountain's resume was not included in her personnel file obtained by the News Journal. An inquiry to the city's human resources department was unable to find Fountain's resume and prior work history. A staffer at the department looked into Fountain's "physical record" but responded that the requested information would possibly be in a different location because Fountain is "top personnel." A public records request for the resume placed Thursday is still pending.

Fountain was first hired in 2013 as the city's chief communications officer. She was promoted last year to the COO position overseeing Pensacola International Airport, the Port of Pensacola, and the city's gas company, Pensacola Energy. In an April memo referencing a $15,000 pay raise for Fountain, city administrator Eric Olson wrote that her position is "unique to city hall" and that "there is no one else tasked with similar responsibilities."

Unlike other city positions including city administrator Eric Olson and public information officer Vernon Stewart, Fountain's educational background is not included in her profile on the city's website. Stewart, who works under Fountain, holds a master's in public administration, according to his profile.

Fountain is out of the office this week and calls to her cell phone went straight to voicemail and an email was not returned. The mayor has yet to respond to a request for interview.


Anonymous said...

Fake made up positions and why Tamara Fountain is not qualified to be COO:

Bill Reynolds was Mayor Ashton Hayward’s first city administrator. He was in charge of all city operations, including all the enterprises. His pay was $130,000.

Colleen Castille replaced Reynolds. She, too, was in charge of all city operations, including enterprises. Her pay was also $130,000.

Eric Olson replaced Castille. He does not control Airport, Port, Energy Services, MIS, Constituent Services or Human Resources–those fall under COO Fountain. Olson’s pay is $133,016.

Reynolds was the press secretary to Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter and then became Specter’s Chief of Staff and Director of Communications. He later was the first county administrator of Chippewa County, Wisconsin. His last job before being hired by Hayward was deputy county administrator in Washtenaw County, Michigan.

Castille was the one-time chief cabinet aide to Gov. Jeb Bush and later the secretary of the Florida Departments of Community Affairs and Environmental Protection.

Olson was Veterans Coordinator for Pensacola Habitat for two years after leaving the service.

Before Mayor Hayward took the office, the city of Pensacola was run by city managers. They had the power of the mayor and city administrator, but had to answer to the city council.

Al Coby was hired in 1984 as the city’s director of the Community Redevelopment Agency. In 1987 he became an assistant city manager and continued in that role until August 8, 2008 when he replaced Tom Bonfield. Reynolds replaced Coby.

Tom Bonfield served as the City Manager of Temple Terrace for 13 years before coming to the city. He was the city manager of Pensacola for 10 years, before moving on to be the city manager of Durham, NC in 2008. When he left, his salary was $146,308–but he had 23 years experience in city government by then.

Tamara Fountain has zero footprint on the internet. She worked for her husband in one of his side businesses. She once was the business manager for Journey, a housing project that was to be built by Catholic Charities and the Interfaith Council that never got off the ground. We’ve been told she managed the campaigns for two judges in Okaloosa County. Her salary as COO is $114,982.

Crazy guy said...


Tamara's old Facebook page comes up when you Google her name but it will not come up in Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Get the box for her and Big ed