Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mayors Puppet Master Kerrigan Attacks Studer

This post on his blog is like a poorly written DicksBlog post but a blatant attack on Quint Studer.  Is the Mayor's office (ie Kerrigan) wanting to go to war with Quint Studer?

Notice the date.

Anything interesting happen in City politics since July 29?

How's this strategy working for you Bob?


Studder Enterprises Announces Slotted Employment Opportunities
If you are related by blood or marriage to an elected or appointed official that has any involvement with City development you are eligible for a reserved employment position with Studder Enterprises.  One position is currently filled.   Contact the Studder Human Resource Department for further details.  Signing bonuses may be available.

If you are related by blood or marriage to any media outlet owner or manager in the Pensacola area you may be eligible for a media-influence reserved employment position.  At this time all media slotted positions are filled with relatives of editors of the local daily and weekly papers.  Additional media slotted positions are now being developed for radio and TV (exception of the Blab position which is currently filled.)



Anonymous said...

Boy since Aunt Jenny left the journal poor old Ashton. Its funny when the shoes on the other foot.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think this is Funny Funny Funny... well if it were not TRUE!!! I contend that NOT ONE WORD about Hayward's Administration would have ever seen print or airwaves if he had simply rubber stamped the leases. How dare he cross the PNJ's largest advertiser and the very same person that took that albatross of a building off their hands.

If you think that the email, http://www.panhandlepolitico.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Terry-Horne-e-mail.pdf linked here is isolated to the mis-use of the EDATE tax breaks for an apartment complex your sadly mistaken. This was sent to Ms Fontain letting her know that the PNJ was going to crush them if they objected.

Maren herself has posted, WITH EVIDENCE,HUNDREDS or articles illustrating outright illegal behavior. SENT IT TO THE MEDIA, "Crickets"...

Folks, what should REALLY scare you is that one person has so much control over the Media. What Bob Kerrigan is telling you is that is a HUGE HUGE issue here. Are we to now be afraid that if anyone in the best interest of the City decides to go against the wishes of a large advertiser the PNJ will crush them? Is this how you want your government run? By threat of bad press supporting large advertisers?

There is not an ounce of Journalistic integrity to be found with Rick Outzen or the PNJ. Of course, Mr. Studer's own publications which are basically propaganda for his agendas. Pensacola and Escambia County is in a bad place where the truth, justice and a press protecting the public are not the rule of law. Our media is for sale to the highest bidder...

Disclaimer: In no way do I support or condone any of the behavior recently reported regarding the Hayward Administration.

Anonymous said...

I really hope for God's sake that the "Studder Enterprises" title is not a knock on the fact that Mr. Studer used to stutter. That is way below the belt by
Mr. Kerrigan.