Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Look who is now blogging for the Mayor

Bob Kerrigan
This is one of many poorly written and factually wrong articles harming our city's image. There is no "order to show cause" the writer simply took a statement from a lawyer and printed it as true. A court would have to issue such an order and it would have taken ten minutes to determine no such order existed. The new policy of the PNJ is to write an insulting unfair article and then if the target of the insult ignores the invitation to respond the PNJ writes that there was no response, a cheap trick to make it look like it must be true. While everyone in our City government and virtually all local business people are trying to bring jobs here the PNJ is doing everything it can to prevent it from happening. The message to other potential investors from these attacks on the Mayor and the City Council by these inflamatory and vendictive Andy Marlette editorials: stay away from our city. Conducting "on line" push polls and creating controvesy is better suited for a weekly paper trying to entice people to read it, not a Gannett publication. No wonder many public officials have refused to talk to the PNJ. How disgraceful it must be for the many fine empoyees of the PNJ to see what is happening to this newspaper. And all to sell a few more papers.

Randy Hammer appears to be right on target with his article!


Crazy Old Punk said...

Somebody must have turned on the light in the kitchen because all the cockroaches are scurrying around looking for cover.

Anonymous said...

I ran into BOB at Dharmas two months ago. We sat at the bar waiting for our take out. The conversation was nice and then BAMM! He turned, got mean and ugly in a split second. I had no idea what happened to him, but it reminded me of dementia or Alzheimers.

I have no idea how old he is, but he needs to retire, because he can't process information very well.

Bob is mad about something. Maybe the City of Pensacola was going to be his retirement check?

Anonymous said...

I will not pretend to read this article but as a person that has a business here in Pensacola I can say it is it one of the hardest places I have ever been to start a new business. I have had 5 different businesses in my life to date and each one I have sold for pretty good money to go and start another one. I moved here 5 years ago to start a business and it took me almost 2.5 years to do what should have taken me 6 months. I chose to stay here thinking that the business I was starting and its issues would eventually get easier and turn a profit. So far this is not the case it is getting harder with a good product. I am finding out the small guy that is trying to bring life and a new spin on a product gets almost like black balled by the community for not being a local or a regular as someone put it to me the other day. So again, Pensacola is very hard to do business in and I know a lot of the people I deal with are working 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet because everyone hires at the lowest wage possible and expects the highest education. I am actually thinking of cutting my losses and moving my business to orange beach where things are just simply easier and it feels like the community wants to grow and be apart of everyone's business not just the people they know from when they were in high school.