Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to Recall the Mayor...This is not that hard.

City of Pensacola Charter on Recall

Section 7.01. Recall.
The qualified electors of the City of Pensacola shall have the power of recall to remove the Mayor or a Member of the City Council in the same manner provided by general law in Florida Statute §100.361, as that provision may from time to time be amended.

Florida Statute on Recall 100.361

  • Must be City residents to sign petition and to vote
  • A petition is prepared up to 200 words stating reason for recall
  • Only 5% of registered voters must sign the petition to move a recall forward (in Pensacola that means about 1,800 signatures)
  • All signatures must be obtained in 30 days from the date first petition is signed.
  • Mayor Hayward would qualify for recall under either Neglect of Duty or Incompetence
  • The Mayor then has to write a 200 word summary on why he is not incompetent
  • Then the City must print both 200 word summaries on a document called a Recall Petition and Defense
  • The recall committee must get 15% of registered voters to sign the Recall Petition and Defense over 60 days from receiving from the clerk.
  • If the 15% of registered voters sign the petition, the person being recalled can do one of two things: resign or face recall.
  • A special election is held that states two options:
    • Ashton Hayward should be removed from office.
    • Ashton Hayward should not be removed from office.
  • Anyone wishing to fill the unexpired term must also run on the same ballot with the person receiving the most votes replacing the Mayor should he be removed.


Crazy Old Punk said...

I'll sign....where's the petition!!!

Anonymous said...

So, when will you have the petition ready to sign and when are you announcing your campaign against the Mayor in the recall election?

Let's get this party started!

Anonymous said...

Citizens of Pensacola, make your voices heard!!! All those who continue to be offended by the tyrannical reign of Ashton J. Hayward III and his misfit minions up on the 7th floor including the puppet mastery of Fred Levin and Bob Kerrigan, need to attend the City Council meeting, Thursday at 5:30 pm at City Hall. Citizens should never feel intimidation when it comes to our elected officials that WORK FOR US!

Anonymous said...

Ready to sign. Where is the petition?

Anonymous said...

Agreed! After last's nights joke of a council meeting, someone please start the petition.