Monday, August 10, 2015

Hayward Can't Even Be Transparent In Telling Council Fountain is OUT!

In a transmittal to Council found below, Mayor Hayward can't even be transparent with the Citizens in announcing Tamara Fountain's resignation.


"I named Ms. Fountain as my COO last August so that she could take responsibility for several important projects, many of which are now close to completion."

Oh...I see.  She was planning to exit.  This was planned all along!  We are all missing the story!

Her resignation is accepted effective the same day, but planned...I'm sure... months in advance.

Hayward would not know transparency if it smacked him the face.

We will see how transparent he is tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Andrew Buchanan part of campfire is now denying they have a contract with the city and claiming they have never been paid by the city.

Laura began posted the news on her Facebook and I know you posted it earlier.

Will you refresh the posting please!

Anonymous said...

Lack of qualified leadership on the 7th floor as well as within the city council.

Neither group knows how to operate under this charter.

City council should have had some guts years ago. Even with their own legal they hid in the corner.

Thank god the mayor made this so easy for everyone this time.

Maren DeWeese said...


Campfire didn't work out the way they thought.

Looks dead to me.

Laura Bogan kept her contracts.
Derek Cosson got his own personal contract as Voice and Verse LLC...Set up by Ken Fountain.

From what I can tell Drew Buchanan hasn't got anything from the City unless he gets some table scraps as a sub to someone.

He's just a true disciple of L. Ash Hayward.

I always keep looking though.

Anonymous said...

Fountain is complaining that the PNJ and nasty comments about her have forced her out because it is too much for her and family to endure!!! REALLY Fountain??? She is lying even on her way out the door! Poor Tamara...Poor Tamara. City employees despise her and she is a very mean person with a very nasty attitude. Sherri Myers is a complete moron for defending her (it takes one to know one). Fountain threatens people (ask Dan Flynn) and uses profanity in her texts and emails to employees and is constantly degrading to those who are not in her inner circle of worshipers (Cosson, Big Hair, Bogan, Henderson, etc.). If any of you out there believe she is leaving because of the way she has been "treated" by PNJ and others, you must still be drunk on pretty boy Hayward kool aid. Normal, honest, good people don't leave $100 thousand plus a year jobs in P'cola because somebody said not nice things about them. She and her power play have been EXPOSED! She left because there are a TON of skeletons in her closet and all her little buddies she gave no bid contracts too are all getting ready to go DOWN and she knows it! She is leaving the party because she got drunk on power but couldn't keep the liquor down. Folks...this is what city hall vomit looks like.

CJ Lewis said...

All the duties of the so-called Chief "Operations" Officer, Hayward's #2 person, were taken from the City Administrator the Charter's #2 person in the executive branch the Charter providing, "The City Administrator shall be in charge of the daily operations of the City." The word "Shall" is a mandatory directive, i.e. no wiggle room. In his letter, Hayward says he's reassigning the duties of the COO back to the City Administrator and "other senior staff" - none of whom are the City Administrator. He can't do that either. Plus, he says he is looking for a new COO. When is he going to break down and actually read the city's constitution the Charter? When is the City Attorney going to have a little chitchat with the Mayor about complying with the Charter?