Monday, August 10, 2015

Fountain a Scrub...Scrubs are Out!

I prepared her actual resume over the weekend.  Here it is.  All of the roles are supported by publicly available documents and just reemphasize that she had NO BUSINESS BEING EMPLOYED IN HER ROLE.


I bet Sisson had a box ready this morning!  He should get one for himself for not checking her credentials himself.

It took a while for everyone to catch up!

Here's a recap of her illustrious career as I tracked it on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Will "Big Hair" Mclellan follow her out the door?

Anonymous said...

The crux of this biscuit is the fact that Hayward pushed and promoted an employee - a leader in his eyes with the CAPABILITY (education credentials aside- leaders are born and will perform if they're talented) of running half of this city- and does nothing to fight for her. Absolutely nothing. He will never have my vote again. Loyalty is worth more than its weight in gold.

Anonymous said...

Leadership starts at the top.
Sadly, this is just another chapter in the book.

A leader would have put her in a position suited for her skill set,such as property management. If no other positions were available, he should have fired her, showing us he is a leader to be trusted.

The wrong person resigned.

Really!! said...


Shame on you for being so easily fooled. Most of us know Ash from his school years. He was always an immature spoiled rich druggie from Catholic with no talent nor brains.

Anonymous said...

Easily fooled? No. Surprised at the outcome of a true test of loyalty? Absolutely. Do not mistake hope for leadership with naivete.

And there are spoiled druggies from Catholic with plenty of talent and brains. Please keep your rhetoric up to par with the adults in the room.