Monday, August 17, 2015

FDOT and City In "Heated Discussions" Regarding Airport Stormwater

In the voicemail below, Interim Airport Director Dan Flynn warns Tattle Tail Eric Olson that FDOT is seeking "compensatory treatment" for the airport stormwater pond.

Doesn't sound good.  FDOT is getting the Secretary involved.

Airport folks, use the typical back channels (ie PERSONAL EMAILS) and let me know what else to dig for?

Audio: secretary-will-be-callin


Anonymous said...

FDOT has already pulled funding, at the tune of $10 million, from an Intelligent Transportation System project. They pulled the funding due to inaction from the City.

Now this?

How much has this administration cost the citizens?

Crazy Old Punk said...

Look Maren...The Mayor cannot be expected to be everywhere at once. More important issues are at hand and he has been very busy learning what is required to move his community further into the abyss of mediocrity. His Dishonorable Un-Mayor was busy at the Mayor's Convention in San Francisco learning that Communication to as many people with as little effort is the key. That means more time using Facebook, Twitter, etc. and less time Face-to-Face in front of the media so nobody notice's he is incapable of communicating without Uncle Freddie's prepared answers.