Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Eric Olson's "Illegal" Attempt to Have a Citizen Fired Using Lies About Her Emails

On July 2, 2015, at 9:46:29 AM, City Administrator Eric Olson was going to get even.  He had evidently become irritated that a Pensacola citizen kept pressing some zoning issues effecting her neighborhood and was making public records requests.  He had learned where the Citizen worked and he was going to get her.

City phone records reflect that at that time City Administrator Eric Olson, a Naval Academy graduate, picked up his City phone and called the local commanding officer of the Citizens employer. The Citizen is a Federal government employee with many years of service at the base.

Representing himself as the "City Administrator" Olson proceeded to talk Navy talk with the Lieutenant Commander.  Experiences, do you know so and so, etc etc.

Then Olson went in for the kill.

Olson represented to the officer that an employee in the command had "sent about 300 emails to the City from her Federal government email account"  He stated he had the emails in front of him and that the City had issues with the Citizens activities.  Olson must have known from his Navy experience that extensive use of Government email accounts for non-government business was a significant employee violation.

Upon ending the call, the Commander initiated an internal investigation of the Citizen's emailing activities from her government account.  Just a few emails were noted and of those few two were "thank you" emails to City officials.

The Commander wanted to see whether he had missed something in the investigation and called City Administrator Olson to request to see the emails. This should have been an easy request as Olson had stated that the emails were "in front of me".  Olson began crabbing immediately upon being asked  to produce the emails, finally admitting to the Commander no such stack of hundreds of emails existed.

The Citizen who has been active in civic affairs for years was appalled by the actions of City Administrator Eric Olson.  She has retained Counsel and a cease and desist letter was sent to Mayor Ashton Hayward on July 20, 2015.  To date, no action has been taken by the City regarding the complaint.

Based on the letter from the attorney, Alistair McKenzie, Eric Olson acting as City Administrator has with malice of forethought attempted to have a Citizen of Pensacola, who pays his salary, fired from her job by means of false and slanderous statements to her employer.

Has Olson apologized? NO!
Has the Mayor done anything? NO!
The City has not even acknowledged the letter.

This illegal activity is documented in the following two documents:



Eric Olson, Naval Academy Graduate, you have no honor.  Do you remember the Honor Concept?

"Midshipmen are persons of integrity: They stand for that which is right.
They tell the truth and ensure that the full truth is known. They do not lie."

Eric Olson must be immediately separated from the City as slanderous attacks on the Citizens by the Mayor's staff can not be tolerated.  The proof is clear.  

What will the Mayor do?


Anonymous said...

Why must the mayor habitually surround himself with such absolutely vain, shallow and immoral individuals??

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't this letter in his personnel file?

Apparently there is NO Human Resource department at the City.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget who was Olson's boss at the time all this occurred...the rat...T. Fountain. Who has now scurried into hiding.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that Commander took the time to take a close into the matter. That's probably why he's the Commander.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Lt Commander probably has seen enough regarding Downtown that EVERYTHING he sees, he takes with a huge grain of salt. I think that at this point, I would verify ANYTHING I was told and take nothing for granted.

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Ed Sisson - Have some boxes ready at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. Will fill you in then. R// EO

Anonymous said...

Looks like Maren's Blog is required reading for PNJ. They've drank the kook-Aid and won't rest until their #1 advertiser is vindicated.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now would be a good time to remind everyone that they tried to have the then president of the City's Union arrested while on vacation with their half truths and innuendos. Thankfully the State Attorneys office finally told them that no crime had been committed.

Anonymous said...

August 12, 2015

To: Edward Sisson
From: Eric Olson
Subject: Box

I need you to bring me one.

Anonymous said...

what were the facts about the union head?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the President of the City's Union at the time, Brian Cooper tried to have her arrested over some donated/undonated wheelchair parts to the VA for a disabled basket ball team. Once they didn't get their arrest and mug shot of the President, they suspended her without pay for a full month, demoted her and forced her to use her leave time to cover the month that they suspended her for. Amazing enough, the two men that helped created the whole debacle were both promoted very shortly afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Eric wasn't Tamara's puppet -- he IS Dick Baker's puppet!

Anonymous said...

Dick Barker has been the puppet master for years. Why else would he have been allowed to stay on AFTER he retired and AFTER he served his 5-year time in the old City pension DROP program.. Now he's racking up time and dollars in the State Retirement System. He gets to collect his full City pension, his 5-yr DROP money, collect a full salary and still work towards his State retirement. Way past time for him to leave.

Anonymous said...

WEAR Channel Three News has obtained copies of more than 300 e-mails from Nichols to the city on a number of issues.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous ^^^

From Ricks Blog -

"Through a public record request, we got the 349 emails that Olson mentioned on WEAR TV. However, that number is deceiving.

Total emails 349

Auto-replies 14
Forwards 28
Out of Office 07
Replies to city employees 201
Duplications 28
Net for three years: 63

Breakdown by years
2012: 2
2013: 19, 1.58 per mo.
2014: 29, 2.42 per mo.
2015: 14, 2.33 per mo."