Tuesday, August 25, 2015

DIB Preparing to WASTE Members Money

Dancing John Peacock, Chairman of the DIB, has a great new idea to waste DIB dollars.

Dance steps!  Yep, wasting tax dollars on dance steps to be placed around Downtown Pensacola!

In the email below to Email Police Chief Eric (Code Red) Olson, Fred Astaire Peacock is itching to pitch the CA on his great idea.

Folks will come from miles around to CHA CHA on the streetcorner!

You can't make this stuff up!

By the way, Code Red You Can't Handle The Truth Olson, Peacock used his business email for DIB business therefore it is not being retained by the DIB as a Public record according to State Law.  Call Greg Marcille and report him!

Let me quote you Code Red Olson "So, if I see something that I know is wrong that is persistent and that I know I can do something about, I will."

So Mr. Money Where Your Mouth Is, what are you going to do about the Mayoral appointed DIB Chairman using a personal email to conduct DIB business which would keep this email from being preserved by a government entity responsible for retaining it under State Public Records laws?

Bueller?  Bueller?  Targeter!!

From: Peacock Jr,John L [mailto:John.Peacock@edwardjones.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2015 8:51 AM
To: Eric Olson
Subject: FW: Dance Steps

Looking forward to talking to you. As a heads up here are the topics I wish to discuss
1) dance steps - attached
2) Flags/banners downtown
3) Barricades for parades
John L. Peacock, Jr., CFP®, CRPC®, Financial Advisor
For administrative matters, please contact:
Celeste Gilbreath (celeste.gilbreath@edwardjones.com)
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Anonymous said...

Did Olson call Edward Jones to make sure that peacock had permission.

Anonymous said...

"The Cha Cha Cha" ... ?

Downtown sidewalk traffic has to negotiate around bicycle sculptures, next is Cha Cha Cha dancing?
I have been in Pensacola over 20 years.
Used to be a member of Pensacourt (closed April 2014).
Loved their bulletin boards with suggested running/walking routes and distances.
Included swimming and biking.

Not convinced P'cola rates as an 'international' airport, I do like sidewalks, mile markers and workout equipment around the airport.

If John Peacock, Chairman of the DIB, wants to dance, perhaps he can donate a chunk of area off the sidewalk around Pensacola airport, much like the occasional equipment ... maybe install a sound system, at his expense.

Back to the bicycle parking on random bicycle sculptures ...
I was at both City Hall and the Courthouse less than a year ago and encountered folks looking for places at each respective place to lock their bicycles.
All I could offer, was to check with security about where they were parked and locked, during business hours.

Anonymous said...

Imagine the lawsuits from the tourists with twisted ankles.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why my comment is not posting.
Did I flunk the robot/pasta test?
The pictures are hard to see.
Airplanes are bigger.

If DIB JP wants to dance, suggest Peacock donates to P'cola airport exercise loop. instead of downtown at tax payers expense.

Anonymous said...

They want to fund this, but Leadership Pensacola had to do a fundraiser to refurbish the downtown wayfinding signs that DIB was supposed to redo 3 years ago? What a waste of Leap's time, resources and talent to provide what should be an essential service of the DIB.

Anonymous said...

That's a huge waste of money. They need to pressure WASH the sidewalks. It's really dirty and grimy down there in most places. Cleaning would be more appreciated than dance lessons by all users.

Anonymous said...

That's a waste of money. What is truly needed is pressure WASHING of the sidewalks. It's really dirty and grimy in most places and cleaning would enhance the beauty of the area much more than graffiti dance lessons.

Anonymous said...

I tried to comment earlier about how wonderful the dance steps will look next to the bike racks, it would not let me post.

But seriously, hideous bike racks paired with hideous dance steps?

The whole reason that Palafox was name a Great Street was because we did NOT have these touristy, ugly, cumbersome obstacles there.

Anonymous said...

What???? Mr. Ive got to do the nobile thing Olson didn't call the Governor about this blatant violation of the Florida Public Records Law? Wasn't the tattletale staff member confused seeing the email address and thinking it had something to do with the City's investment portfolio? Did he call Fred Levin and let him know? Will there will be yet another Blab interview so the Mayor has something to do?

Anonymous said...

Was Mr. Peacock compared to a rapist?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, yuk...yuk when is the fairy godmother going to stop on the 7th floor and use her magic wand to hand out common sense.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be some serious DRUG TESTING going on down there........

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooooo, I LOVE this idea....!!!!!

The first dance steps to be placed on Palafox Street should be the pattern for "The Pensacola Sidestep." At the ribbon cutting ceremony (there is always a ribbon cutting ceremony) perhaps John Peacock could have his good friend Ashton Hayward demonstrate how to do "The Pensacola Sidestep" as shown in the following video.


Anonymous said...

I can see it now, free dancing lesson flyer attached to city paychecks. All will be able to learn the cha cha cha...so they can cha cha cha to the Florida Access office to get funds for new dance shoes. No pay raise again folks, maybe next year.